Vegetable Juices

Research shows that drinking vegetable juices every day in place of fruit juices is highly beneficial for your health. It is a well – known fact that vegetable juices are considered to be the powerhouse of energy and nutrition. There several reasons for this and one of the biggest reasons behind this is that vegetable juices contain no calories. They are full of nutritious elements and contain great amount of

A Day at Taj Mahal

Most of the time, my journeys (especially short term) are unplanned. I usually don’t sit and schedule them as I am always not sure if I will be stretching myself for them. However my long term journey (from Delhi to Kathmandu) was too an unplanned event where I had mixed situations of trouble and pleasure.  Considering how I plan to travel, it’s always I sleep with no plan and next

Food Adulterants

Following is a list of the commonly used food adulterants and their effects of the health:           Sr. No Adulterants Foods Commonly Used Diseases or Health Effects Adulterants in Food 1. Argemone Seeds Argemone Oil Mustard Seeds Edible Oils and Fats Epidemic Dropsy Glaucoma Cardiac arrest 2. Artificially coloured foreign seeds As a substitute for cumin seed, Poppy seed, black pepper Injurious to health 3. Foreign

Food Adulteration

Beware of What You Eat… Food we eat should be free from any contamination and should be less chemical. The more chemically synthesized food we consume, the more we are likely to fall sick and in rare cases, it can be very risky. So, better we not risk our life and should be aware of the food we eat. These days, the food we consume is mostly packed and chemically

food hashtags on Instagram

So you are a food blogger or you love to share your food moments with others. You like to click pictures of the food you come across on the streets, in restaurants or even at your home. And you are running a social media account and your own blog. You need to do a research on your hashtags which you use while posting your food content online, be it Instagram,

Food on Instagram

Let’s Share Food Details on Instagram Instagram is a hit these days. Everyone from a common man to celebrities, politicians etc. are going online socially on Instagram. Putting pictures of anything you want with some crazy hash tags has changed the way of sharing pictures online. People are sharing picture online every day. People follow others and are followed by others. There’s no need to tell more about this amazing

Ladakh: The Natural Abode

Discover Ladakh  Situated in the lap of nature, full of mesmerizing beauty, Ladakh has been bestowed with the heavenly advantages on this earth by the nature. In the north, the Kunlun mountain range and the main Great Himalayas to the south further make it an amazing place what we hear in fairy tales on this earth. The snow fall from the heaven, grace of God, makes it more divine. The

Art Exhibition at AIFACS, New Delhi

Delhi is the city of artists. From handicrafts to digital, visual artists, you will find everyone here. Young, struggling, established everyone happens to visit here once, no matter if it is an art exhibition where they get to showcase their unique talent to the world. There are several organization, government and NGOs which are working to support these artists, to give them platform. In this very context, I visited the

Food Joints at Gurgaon Dreamz

Gurgaon or Gurugram, is the place where you can get everything. From being a world famous IT hub and business centre, the place also has some of the best leisure and recreational facilities. From big shopping malls to multi – cuisines restaurants and hotels, Gurugram turns out to be an ideal place to hang out no matter if you are alone, with your friends or family. We visit places to

Paranthas in Delhi

From Paranthe Wali Gali to Moolchand Paranthe Wala  When it comes to paranthas in Delhi, there are many places from small dhabas to restaurants where you can enjoy a variety of paranthas. But there are two special places, which tops the list. One is the most famous Paranthe Wali Gali near Chandani Chauk and second is Moolchand Paranthe Wala at Moolchand Metro Station. Both the places are always on the