Regular Train Journeys

Travelling is an amazing experience, especially in trains. While you are travelling in train, you will get to see the green, panoramic view outside. No matter if you are travelling in a local passenger train or have reserved your seat in AC coach of any express train, train journey is indeed a mesmerising one. For those who have trouble travelling in other vehicles such as buses, trains are more comfortable

Controversies of Pepsi

The Pepsi – Cola merger which took place in 1965 formed PepsiCo, along with Frito Lay Inc. Since then the company has expanded its business and introduced a wide range of F&B products in the market. The company also acquired Tropicana Products and Quaker Oats Company in 1998 and 2001 respectively.  Started as “Brad’s Drink” back in 1893 by Caleb Bradham, Pepsi today has become a multinational snack, food and

Famous Street Food Places in Delhi

So you are in Delhi and craving for some delicious, hot, spicy, lip smacking street food? No matter if you are a local or a foreigner visiting Delhi for the first time, Delhi is all set to hit your taste buds with some of the most amazing deliciousness always. From the famous Paranthe Wali Gali to Lajpat Nagar, from world famous dining places to less explored food places, Delhi welcomes

wrap food in newspaper

Have you ever thought if it is safe to wrap food in newspaper? No matter, what is the food is be it oily, dessert or dry food, we have seen wrapped in newspaper or any other paper which has something printed on it. We usually follow this exercise in our routine life where we wrap our food in newspaper for packing. When I was a school kid, I too have

Restaurants in Dubai for Health Conscious Foodie

Are You A Health Conscious Foodie? Follow my blog with Bloglovin When we venture to a new land for a holiday with our friends or family, we tend to use it as an excuse to eat badly and let go of all of our healthy habits we try so hard to keep in check back home. A big challenge the health conscious foodie often face is the choice of food

famous markets in Delhi

Delhi, the national capital of India, is one of the ancient cities in the country. A city which speaks of its glorious past, it has always been a choice of everyone to visit. From ancient monuments to food places, from world famous auto expos, trade fairs and book fairs to local and international markets, this place has got everything what one can look for. One side, Delhi has some of

Top Ten Ancient Historical Buildings of Delhi

Delhi is among the most ancient and historical places of India. This place dates back to period 300BC during the Maurya. This place has been mentioned in mythologies thus is believed to be very ancient place. As the city has a great historical significance in the Indian history, it’s important to know about Delhi. Moreover, it’s a fun indeed to have a look at the ancient historical buildings of Delhi,

Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav

Delhi is the city of full of different colours of enjoyment and fun. Every day, this city can be seen coloured in the vibrant colours of culture, traditions, festivals and a lot more. From modern nightlife to places which speak of the ancient history, this city serves you everything. Every day is a new day and every new day brings you lots of joy and excitement. And our present post


Let’s Travel: Travelling to Explore Travelling around the world is one of the most amazing experiences one can ever have in life. There’s no one who would deny traveling. It’s a fun, adventure and full of knowledge. It exposes you to different places, people, culture and no doubt delicious food. Travelling exposes you to the new, different dimensions of life. It gives immense pleasure and a feeling of freedom. One

Vegetable Juices

Research shows that drinking vegetable juices every day in place of fruit juices is highly beneficial for your health. It is a well – known fact that vegetable juices are considered to be the powerhouse of energy and nutrition. There several reasons for this and one of the biggest reasons behind this is that vegetable juices contain no calories. They are full of nutritious elements and contain great amount of