Summer Spark with Chilled Fruit Liquids

FoodRavel brings you the summer’s “Juice – Junction” where people beat the heat and enjoy drinking ice – chilled fruit juice.


The summers have approached. The sun is at its worst and making everything burn. Delhi is specially known for its “Garmi” and “Sardi” (summer and winter). When its hot, its damn hot and when its cold, it chills bones. So, the months of summer here in the national capital are so burning that people fear to step out of their homes. What is more scaring is the way the sky showers the heat on the earth. Its like you are standing next to a kiln.
The life style is highly influenced by the weather one lives in. Dressing style is too a part of it. So why does the food and travel has to be left behind in the category. Food and travelling is also impacted by the climate one lives in. We travel from one place to other and eat food which depends on the weather. We eat and dress accordingly the changing climate, Our life is bound with it and we follow it.

Hot Climate and Ice Chilled Fruit Liquids 

A range of ice chilled fruit liquids are out in the market. As the summer sets in, the refrigerator gets over loaded with juices, cold drinks etc. And are consumed more than water. When its too hot, even water is replaced with ice sometimes. If the water is not cold, it becomes hard to drink in summers. Hundreds of ice chilled fruit liquids are available in the market. People love to drink them to cold down their body. But sometimes, these processed products are too harmful for our daily consumption. So, it’s better to stay natural. Ice chilled fruit juices are available in all flavors and they taste awesome.

 Nimbu Pani is a better option. A natural cold drink which is of great medicinal value. And it doesn’t require much effort. All you need is lemon, water, sugar and salt. Make it and drink it. Then comes the fruit juices. There is a wide range of fruit juices available out in the market. Go to the juice shop and order your best taste. Mango Shake, Banana Shake, Choco Shake, Milk Shake and the list continues. There are processed, canned fruit juices in the market. But one should prefer to have only good freshly made fruit juice from a juice shop. Fruit juice is good for health and is cost effective. It’s good for your pocket as well as your health.

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