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Have you ever visited a place whose only name is enough to mesmerize you? Well, if not then let me take you to a place whose name sounds to be of delicious and lavish quality. They always say, “Bus naam hi kafi hai!” And same is with this place. I happened to visit it once and was tempted enough to write about it in my blog. Come with me to the place, I am talking about. The Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant, best restaurant in Mahendergarh, run by two young souls, situated in the busy market of Mahendergarh. If you are not aware of the location, it is the southernmost district of Haryana.

What exactly is Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant?

Best Restaurant in Mahendergarh

If I just tell you in words, Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant is the best restaurant in Mahendergarh I have visited so far. A brain – child of two young boys who wanted to do something different, something “hatakey” which people could appreciate. They both came up with this innovative plan. Though it was difficult at initial stages, but later on things got on track and people enjoy going there for food and fun. Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant is a restaurant with a different touch. Their unique menu and interior decorations are just amazing. Moreover, if you happen to visit the city, you barely find any other restaurant with such beauty and delicacy.

Who started Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant?

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Two young men with ambitions of doing something out of box were thinking of something like this for long. The idea was baked under the slow fire of patience and dedication. When the plan got cooked, they executed. Fortunately, one of them is my school senior, Mr. Puneet Sharma. Moreover, we both used to work together at SELE. I asked him for an interview and we both decided to meet at the best restaurant in Mahendergarh itself. In words of Puneet, it was not easy for them to run a business like this in such a city where people rarely pay more than average for fast food. Another fellow is Harshul. As the restaurant is situated in my hometown, so I know this guy as well. A well physically built, bulky muscular 6 feet tall man, Harshul used to run a gym. Apart from this business he invests to real estate and has been Micromax distributor for the city. I remember I purchased first phone in my life with my first salary from him. Puneet possesses an experience of around five years of marketing as Vodafone and Micromax distributor in Mahendergarh.

How was Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant started?

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As Puneet, both of them were sitting and were discussing about fast food. After long discussion, they didn’t find any good place to go and enjoy good quality food in the whole city. So, it was a random idea. They randomly thought of opening their own fast food best restaurant in Mahendergarh. Moreover, the fast food shops which already existed in the city were not up to the marks. So it was their chance to experiment in the space and to take the ball in their corner. Near Azad Square, they started a Snack and fast food shop in June 2012. It did pretty well. But after a couple of months, they felt the need of bigger space as the place was small to be a fast food place. So, they thought of moving to some other spacious location. They thought over it. It was a call of something out of their hands. Though they were dedicated and connected with their passion, their parents were fully supportive all the time. They moved near to the Masani Square, the present location of Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant on 2nd August, 2012 with an area of 2200 sq ft.

Where is this Best Restaurant in Mahendergarh situated? 

Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant, the best restaurant in Mahendergarh got shifted to bigger place near Masani Square. It is situated nearby the square, aside of the road which leads to Brahmdev Square on the other side, generally referred as Cinema Road. As it is situated apart from the busy road, so there is no trouble of parking vehicle, as they have got enough space outside the restaurant.

10645116_815888608432570_62887990018580661_n Best Restaurant in Mahendergarh

Best Restaurant in Mahendergarh

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Rated as best restaurant in Mahendergarh, Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant has earned a quality name in the city and around the villages since its foundation. Now it has got its name in the vocabulary of every young and old of the city, while the story behind the background is full of many ups and down. As it’s a fact that when you want to accomplish your dreams, you have to pass through severe pain, struggle and suffering, so it the background story of Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant. As they moved to a different place and got bigger space for their restaurant, they had to pay a lot. They started separate room services in June, 2013. Puneet says that the initial investment in this service was around 5lacs. Around that time, it was really hard to get even the debt off. This was the phase of constructive thinking. This was the time of hard examination and patience. Out of this all, it became hard for them to manage enough. They are still in a phase of experimentation and continuous efforts.  They are working hard for their dreams. People say that the fruit of patience and effort is always sweet. But in case of Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant, it’s both sweet and spicy. Do pay a visit to the best restaurant in Mahendergarh.

Best Restaurant in Mahendergarh

What for is Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant known?

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The restaurant is famous for its name. The Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant! When mere name speaks enough, what more do you need to have? Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant is famous for both its products and its quality services. They have a grand restaurant, and attractive interior. Around hundred people can sit in the restaurant at a single time. A staff of ten is always active to serve you with their delicacies.  The restaurant is open all the days. Quality Inn  Hotel & Restaurant provides your best quality food and service from 9AM to 10PM all the days of week. The staff is highly dedicated and you will rarely any day when the restaurant is not opened. Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant not only serves you in the best way, but it can also help you make your celebration a wonderful and memorable one as they provide separate place and services for special purposes.

Best Restaurant in Mahendergarh

What is the Quality of Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant?

If you talk about the services, then I bet you will be tempted by their quality. You have a birthday party, come here. You have a marriage anniversary, or a corporate party, or a school party, kitty party and many more, there’s a single place, which will fill your plate to its fullest with all the top class qualities. For all these celebrations, Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant has separated its common hall and made separate special places where the people can enjoy cake – cutting or any other special occasion. Puneet says it was not predecided, it was a random idea and worked pretty well.  With their special services, they also provide special facilities. That’s really different!

What services will make you go crazy?

Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant will make you go hungry even if you are eaten to your fill. The delicious menu will always haunt your stomach and if you are a foodie, this place is made for you. Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant is famous for all varieties of fast food, including Indian, Chinese, continental, South Indian and street food. If you are sitting in the restaurant enjoy your favorite fast food, don’t be surprised to see your phone when it catches Wi-Fi. Yes! In order to serve its customer in a far better way, the restaurant also offers free Wi-Fi. Have your food on your table and enjoy watching match on a huge LCD screen or whatever you wish to.  If you are coming from a journey and are pretty much tired, hire a room. Quality Inn also provides separate room services where you can stay for some time. The lavish style and delicious food will make you feel great. Enjoy the tasty food with quality. The appetizing menu will water your mouth. And your senses will be taken away!
So, the next time you visit the city; don’t forget to step in Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant

Message from Mr. Sharma
In words of Mr. Sharma, if people are opposing you, it means you are doing something big and right. Opening such a    restaurant in such city was really a big challenge, both      financially and socially. This 24 years old brave young man loved this challenge and not even accepted but also did wonders. His words are good enough to motivate anyone as  he says life is all about challenges.

How to reach Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant?

One can reach Quality Inn Hotel & Restaurant quite easily from anywhere in the city. It is situated just close to Masani Square and just walking distance from Azad Square. It is just 2KM from city bus stand and at the same distance from the railway station. The restaurant is open from all working days from 9AM to 10PM. If you are not able to locate them or need some more information, you can contact them at 01285-222202.

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