The Sunday Special

What makes your Sunday special? Do you really make your Sunday a memorable day after getting tired of six days working? I remember how Sunday used to be the most special day out of all days of a week. Sunday brings smile over the faces of people. Specially the kids, they enjoy their Sundays to the fullest. Well, I also used to back in the days. But now no such fun is left. The working people stay relaxed at home and manage other stuff of their lives. And the history, I need not mention here. But Sunday has a very special in the lives of everyone. Be it a working man, housewife, working woman, kids, young, everyone wait eagerly for Sunday to come so that they can wind up. The day is leisure enough to make one feel comfortable, with no worry of their hectic schedule.

Well in my case, it’s different a bit. How about working six days a week and going for Sunday classes. Pretty tiring it is, isn’t it? Sometimes it is for me. But not every time, as I enjoy even when I am working round the clock. Especially when you are living miles away from home, and then you have to do cooking and washing on your own, you have to go to office, you can to travel some three hours every day, you wait for Sunday and then you realize that you have your weekend classes on Sunday. It may make one sick of leading such a hectic life. No doubt, this is tiring, both physically and mentally and that too when you are writer and you need time to sit and think so that you can write. How have I managed this all, is not a good matter to discuss with you. Still, a little about how I do it? I sleep odd hours of night. I skip meals. Sometimes I stay awake whole the night. PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS. It’s not same with everyone.

This Sunday, I mean yesterday 19th July was a cloudy day. I had my weekend classes at Gargi College, Green Park, New Delhi. I go there almost every Sunday. And this Green Park is much familiar with sound of my Wranglers, as I have been going there for long. Earlier I used to go to Father Agnel School to attend Sunday service in church. Now I don’t go there as I have classes. Yesterday, it was almost like rainy, all dark and cloudy. When the sky showed its face, I could hear the cloud whispering and singing the song of communal harmony. When I left my room for classes, the cloud got scattered and the sun tried to set itself free from the hold of clouds, but it was not able to set itself free due to the unity of clouds.

But it was really hot and by the moment, I could reach the bus stand, the road tasted two drops of sweat fallen from my head. The bus was waiting and I sensed that the ACs were on in a way to welcome me. Haryana govt. offers this high class service. There are AC buses in this city only, as it is connected to New Delhi. So, in summers, you can enjoy travelling in these buses at minimal charges of 10 and 20. And then you got to sit in one of the world’s best rapid transport metro. The last metro station in Gurgaon is Huda City metro station. And I go from this station as it is near to my office moreover; the city bus goes there directly. When I get down at Green Park metro station, I have to walk some twenty minutes which is not a big deal. I am highly fond of some activities; walking and music are two among them. I usually put on my DJ headphones with high volume and walk (PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS). For some time, I have tried auto as well. They charge 40Rs from metro station to the college, but I don’t use now. I invest that money in buying two water bottles, 20 for each. I feel thirty very badly and in summers the situation becomes worse (better you carry your own bottle; you can get it filled later on). I carry my bag, containing, everything from stapler to laptop and data card, you never know when you may need any of them. I am habitual of walking like this but for this I have to bear the weight of everything over my shoulders. But if you are a traveler, you don’t have to bother much about it. I don’t own a camera as of now, I manage with my smartphone as most of the smartphone gives you good quality pictures but if you are planning to write blog, then I recommend you to buy one soon. ( I will buy in the next budget plan).

So yesterday, when I reached the college, I was totally drenched in sweat and the shirt was all wet in sweat. When I got in the class, mam switched on the AC, I was lucky enough. The class went on for around two and half hour. After the class, I and my friend Surbhi went to Hauz Khas village as I had promised her that I would take her there. The place is really amazing. Full of café, restaurants, and art galleries and at the top, fund and enjoyment. Come alone, come with friends or come with family, this place is ready always to welcome you with its uniqueness in every corner. The village is also famous for Firoz Shah’s tomb. Though the fort is totally a historical place, but it has been invaded or I must say totally infested by couples and when you visit the fort, you will find every corner occupied by illegal couples, who come here to hang out. Not a place to visit with your family or relatives, or you will have to feel awkward and ashamed. This historical place has become Lovers Park. Government is sleeping and no attention is paid, though there are security guards. There is Batakh Jheel (The Duck Lake) and a large ground where you can sit silently and you will find less illegal activities there and obviously, we both sat there and shared lunch which she bought. We sat there for long and talked much. There is a deer park as well. After, we left the place for our final destinations. We hired an auto and came there but while returning back we decided to navigate and walk. So we did and tracked back the path, asked many people on the way but we reached the metro station. We boarded in our respective metros, exactly opposite to each other’s.

IMG_20150719_180238When I come back from New Delhi in metro, I most of the time tend to visit MGF Mall. I go there usually. This time too I went there. I first of all go to the washroom and wash off my face which gets ruined due to pollution and sweat. (Wash your face time to time in summer). I usually carry a small face – wash in bag. And then I go to Om Book Shop, no matter if I have to buy any book or not. But most of the time I come out of the store with a book or a small journal/magazine. Then I go to the top floor Food Court, where there are many food retails have their stores including MacD, Haldiram, Subway, Sanskriti and many more. There is a PVR on this floor so it remains all crowded. Couple of years back, I used to have coffee from Sanskriti sometimes even with my friend. But once I didn’t find the regular taste and after that incident I never go there for coffee.

The Sunday Special
The books which I bought from OM Book Shop

Yesterday, I experienced a hard time locating a single seat in the food court. I had to drop the weapon and left the place. I went to OM Book Shop and spent around one hour, struggling with notions of what to buy, which book and which publisher? Finally I had had four books and one journal in my hand. All were on travel and food. Finally I concluded with two of them. I bought one book last Saturday. After coming out of the store, I marched towards another MacD, which is at ground floor. And this one was also preoccupied with not even a single chair empty. I had ordered a MacAloo Tikki burger, French fries and coke. After standing for long, a staff member pointed towards an empty chair which was adjacent to a couple. When I sat there, I noticed that the girl was not comfortable as of my invasion in their occupied area. But we had to adjust anyhow.

I decided to move back from there and I came out. The auto walah outside will treat you very beautifully.

                “Sir jee, auto, sir jee kahan challenge aap!” (hello sir, where will you go).

These auto drivers compete with each other.

                “Árey sir jee! Aap mere auto mein ayeeye!” (come in my auto sir).

But there are shared autos as well, where you can experience that the country population has really created a big mess and the auto walah are making money. In an auto, there are eleven people including the driver. Or you can wait for the city bus or private buses. But I don’t prefer the private buses, as they are pretty small for a six feet body of mine. And the seats are damn congested. I can’t even sit.

The Sundays are very hectic still they are always a good experience for me. I explore new things and this makes me feel energized. Does your Sunday make you feel bore or excited. Mail me and I will feature your story in the “Space for You” column.  You can comment below.

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