Writing is something which I enjoy most ever since I have started writing. Years back in school, I used to do the homework of my fellow classmates. I used to write their projects. I used make and complete their practical files. Later on I started to commercialize it. I started charging people for the work. I used to make the files and project works for B.Ed and other such students. And along with a pocket money, I used to get inner happiness. When I was in 6th grade, we students were asked to write story for summer vacations. And I wrote two of my own imagined stories in English of four pages. That was the day I found that yes, I can write. And since then I have been practicing this habit.

There were many factors which made me more inclined towards writing. When I got strong vibes that I should make it a profession, I started to work on this habit which had taken the form of passion. Now how have I started writing this blog? There are many questions over this. I have always found myself comfortable writing about life philosophies, self help, motivation, leadership and all those sort of stuff, so why food and travel. There are many reasons for this. And of course there has to be.

Writing a blog like this that never fell in my domain was something to be learnt from very beginning, something fresh something exciting. And that’s what drove me and made me come up with my own food and travel blog. For my office I have to travel almost fifteen kilometers every day in one go and then I have to eat outside. It’s been more than nine months and I am pretty inspired and impressed by such schedule though I get less time, but it’s a phase and I have to pass through it. Not a big deal!

Who doesn’t love food and traveling? We all do! Don’t we? I have seen hardcore traveler and foodie, food junkies and others like these. I don’t come in that category but still I have good practical experience and an exposure which is enough to start writing a food and travel blog of my own. Moreover, I visited few food places whose stories motivated me so much that it became some sort of compulsion for me to write about them. So, I thought to write about them on web where everyone could read who they are and how they have they started? Ever since I have got job some 12 – 15 KMs away from my present residence, I have a schedule of leaving my room at around 9AM and returning back at almost the same time. I know a “juice walah” near to my office in Vyapar Kendra who becomes happy when he sees me and greets me. A “gol – gappey walah chhottu” does the same. I am quite sensitive sometimes and those moments are then framed in words here or somewhere else.

I didn’t start with a purpose of reviewing lavish hotels or branded places, yet I started to write about those places where I go and visit in my most busy schedule on off – days. Well, when you are in job, it becomes hard to manage. Still, I try to stay active late hours of night so that I can break the keys of my laptop. Music, art and writing are the things which make me feel happy at my heart and I love to make. So, whenever I write my blog, I often find space for my music along with the writing. And that’s make gives me concentration to keep on writing continuously for long. Though I have never examined how much can I write in a day, yet once I ended up writing  more than six thousand words sitting in my office, but that was not continuous, it included lunch breaks and breaks for stay relaxed. But that’s not a matter; the matter is what I love to write. While working as a web content writer, I have written lacs of words for others based on requirements, now I have started writing for my own and of course for my readers as well. I don’t know if my readers would love to read my blog in their spare time or not, but it won’t stop me writing this blog.

So, whenever I get time, I go to the open markets and busy streets, crowded places and find people shopping, eating and enjoying their time. It attracts me. I am not good at photography and don’t even own a professional camera, but I just click randomly using my phone and that’s what I write with, the story around the pictures. I have thought to visit places every weekend and explore them. The place, the people and the culture. I am not looking to visit world famous locations and busy destinations; I love visiting places where even in crowd I feel serenity. I may not have the sense of writing about the food and travel; my expedition will help me exploring new things and new ways to express food and travel. People love to eat and travel and I love to write the same. I too eat and travel, sometimes alone sometimes with friends.

The page Food Freaks is about the people and places that I interview and write about their food passions. So, I am thinking of visiting such places which can be pretty exciting and if they are pretty exciting for me, I expect them to be the same for my readers and that depends how I write and how I crave every single word. That’s what makes the blog catchy and worth visiting. My choice of places is not commercial, and first I approach the places after that the places approach me. I feel so connected with the culture and tradition which are worth exploring once in a lifetime as I always think of.