Why Food and Travel?

I have been writing about food and travel for just a few days and started to analyze my ways on this special domain. What attracts me the most is how culture is connected to the food and how people enjoy eating out, in restaurants, dhabas, café and all other eateries? For me it’s a fun to visit places and watch everything live. From kitchen to table, food has always been there in my dreams. I have been staying alone for long and still, and this has allowed me to do experiments with my daily life schedule and at top comes the kitchen. Though I am not good and cooking and I can only manage to cook for my own, I love doing some cooking exercises in the kitchen. So, this has brought me here in this world of exploration.

Food and Travel

An expedition of food and travel from place to place, I always tend to practice the art of sharing, whatever I have got, and I must share it with everyone. This inspires me a lot to sit and write down, while it is really difficult to make time especially if you in a job which doesn’t allow you. Travel and food writing is very interesting, very inspiring and yes very delicious as well. With lots of adventure, it allows you to go in deep of the things you observe, be if the people of certain place you see or the food they cook.

Food and Travel is an interesting story

Food and travel is an interesting story which everybody wants to share and everybody wants to listen. When these two words are spoken before others, it tempts them enough to walk out. Food can range anything from street food to the lavish restaurants and cafes. And travel, from air, train to bus to on foot, it depends on. If you’re walking through the markets, busy streets or if the distance is not long enough, it’s better to get on the road and walk along. I remember my Nepal Visit. We walked several kilometers through the streets and roads of Kathmandu. I am habitual of walking and I prefer it. It can be not possible for everyone. But when it comes to enjoy your visit, walking is better option. As you never know at what moment and at what place, you may have to stand and stare for long. I do it many times and people think I am insane. But observation is all about being insane and it’s good. It’s a technique and not everyone is equipped with it.

Food and Travel

The Busy Life and Hectic Schedule

A very common and regular constraint is schedule, everyone is bound with it. And when you are working somewhere, the situation gets worse. The morning rush and evening jam, everything seems to boring. Isn’t it? It does and sometimes creates problems. So food and travel is the best way to release the work – stress and it allows one to refresh the mind and mood. As I am also a working guy, I have to travel around 15 Km every day from my place to my office. And it was very tiring at first. Though it consumes my whole day, but I have got used to it and now I don’t feel boring any more. I enjoy this traveling now. For a food and travel writer, it is very important that he must have enough time to schedule his/her calendar so that visits can be scheduled. Though I have six days of working and weekend classes, but I still find time for food and travel adventure anyhow.

Food and Travel

I have my weekend evening scheduled for this task and I maintain the track of it. After my classes I go and explore, sometimes alone, sometimes with others. I have always been mesmerized by the art of food we Indians possess. We are world famous for this and people from all over enjoy our uniqueness and cultural richness. Ever since life has evolved on this planet, food is the basic thing for which man has been wandering from one place to other. Situation is still the same. Those were the days, when it was a need, now this need has become lifestyle. Today too people visit places to enjoy food and travel is always connected with it.

Food and travel allows you exploration

So you want to study the nature, then you better go for traveling and study how people live, what do they eat, how do they eat, what do they wear, how do they talk, their lifestyle, their language, their nature and behavior etc. everything is directly or indirectly connected with food and travel.  Be it a simple looking human being to a rich person, food and travel has always tempted everyone. Man can’t stay at a single place for whole life. He has to relocate at least or visit some place, whatever the reason may be. Everyone needs change and change is a process which is both natural and man-made. Change is done for something new, something exciting and interesting, to remove the load of old routine. Food and travel is the way to bring change in life. Travel doesn’t mean that you pack your bags and buy air tickets to travel hundreds of miles away from your place. There are lots of other ways. Short distance traveling can be done, like within the city, to some good place, park, theatre, mall or any other leisure place. Same goes with food like, restaurants, cafes and even dhabas. Nowadays, food and travel has grown up into huge business all around and there are international chains of food and travel businesses.

One must explore his/her surroundings in the life. It’s the best way to understand many things. Many questions get answered. I find food and travel the best way to explore the world around me. Food and travel allows me do everything I like. Furthermore it allows me to interact with people from various ethnicity, people from different culture and language and lot more. And yes, gives me liberty to taste food and travel.

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