Thursday, July 2

The Journey of Food

Food and travel both find roots deeply embedded in every walk of our life. Be it our regular course of work or celebration or even any festive, food has the most important role which can’t be ignored. Every day we find come across several situations where we find how the food has been packed, stored and delivered. The journey of food from farm to kitchen and then from kitchen to the table is really an interesting story to be shared. The journey of food depends on the time, culture and places. Food travels through several phases of agriculture, harvesting, transformation, modification, processing, packaging and a lot more in the whole process. The journey is as interesting as a fairytale. This whole journey depends and varies from place to place, culture to culture and also time to time. So far, human evolved and explored and so has the food. Man’s hunt for food has made him travel from place to place across the globe, through forests, dense and thick, mountains, oceans and islands. In this whole course of journey, man evolved himself through several explorations and experiments and food has been a big reason for this displacement of humans from this place to that.

The discovery of fire was very useful discovery man doing during Lower Paleolithic or Easy Stone Age. As per the sources of “about education”:

The earliest evidence for fire associated with human comes from Oldowan hominid sites in the Lake Turjana region of Kenya.

Another useful discovery was of wheel, which changed the ways of travelling in many aspects and till now we are dependent on it. The discovery of wheel enabled the human to travel faster and conveniently. Apart from travelling, wheel was employed in several works which are being done today so far.

So, these both discoveries changed the faces of food and traveling and the journey of food, from farm to the kitchen and then from kitchen to table. One can easily get tempted over the smell of food being cooked in the kitchen and when one his hungry, it becomes hard to resist.

So we divide the journey of food into two phases.

  • From farm to the kitchen
  • From kitchen to the tables

Before we start discussing our first journey of food, we should also know how the seed and raw material are obtained.  The farmers do a lot of hard work before sowing the seeds of plants into their fields.

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