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Travelling Ethics

What do We Need to Know about Travelling Ethics?

Travelling! What does the name buzz in your brain? Imagine yourself sitting in train and the train is passing through big mountains and green trees or you are sitting in an open jeep and passing through the snow covered mountains of Shimla! Travelling creates much excitement especially when you love to visit the place or you are visiting your dream tourism destination. Travelling from one place to other place, for any reason from personal to professional, travelling has always been a part of our life. People have been travelling from one place to other place ever since the life has evolved on this planet. The early humans traveled place – shelter and food. Food and travelling both are interlinked with each other so much I find it hard to talk about travelling alone. And when you are travelling to some place, it is obvious that you would taste the food there and when you taste the food, it is certain you would experience the culture of that place. So that’s how the food, travel and culture are connected with each other and one term can’t be defined alone. Let us discuss about travelling ethics. Travelling ethics are important to make the journey beautiful.

Travelling Ethics

What are Travelling Ethics?

Travelling is moving from one place to different depending on requirements. Everyone has their choice of destination where they would love to visit at least once. So when one visits a place and comes to a place he is not much familiar with, it is certain to face some sort of issues. These issues can be language issues, food issues, cultural conflicts and a lot more. So in order to avoid these issues and make the journey good enough to be saved as memorable event of the life, one should have some travelling ethics. Travelling ethics are not a big deal. These are just some sort of guidelines which we can follow to avoid any kind of problem traveling to different place.

Travelling Ethics

It is a fact that not every time we are acquainted with the environment of the place we are going to visit. So a proper scheduling and little research – study can turn your journey a wonderful experience. There are several things which we need to consider while most of the time we don’t consider them much important neglecting them as small things but sometimes these small things can turn a huge problem and can be potential enough to ruin the fun and enjoyment. Travelling ethics have role which is really important to be taken as priority. What makes travelling ethics important is that no one wants their journey to be ruined or spoiled just because of small things. So, travelling ethics can be defined as ethics/guidelines which can avoid any issues related to travelling or visiting to some different place with which one may be or may not be familiar. Travelling ethics turn more exigent if one is travelling for first time. First time for both mode of transportation and the place as well. Here one has to be very concerned about every small detail which can provide information.

 Travelling Ethics

Why Travelling Ethics?

We most of the time avoid ethics because we don’t find their relevancy too much in our day to day life. And when it is about travelling, who cares? But trust me, travelling ethics are really necessary. People travel to a different place for a limited time period. The purpose can be anything like business meeting, education, leisure, recreation, medical treatment and a lot more. One should be responsible traveler and should follow the customs and traditions of the place he is visiting. A traveler should be much careful about the rituals and culture of the place he is visiting in and should follow basic code of conducts which are known in general sense.

Travelling Ethics

Things to Keep in Mind: Basics of Travelling Ethics

At times, people face problematic situations when they are in a city or place different to their hometown. No matter if one is in a different town of the same country or sitting in a foreign land, travelling ethics have roots everywhere. Following is a list of things which should be kept in mind to become a responsible traveler:

  • Research Your Destination: Before you board into the train or put on your seat belts in airplane, you better do a research over the place you are visiting. Little research and study over the destination will provide you enough knowledge and details of the place. This information will help you stay safer and healthy at the visiting destination. One can take help of travel agents, travel magazines or can find online sources to know about the place. Researching is a basic thing. Make a list of things which you generally need while you land down there.
  • Find out hostels and restaurants: It good to know about the places to stay and eat. This will save your time and money as well. Find out the places to visit and the transportation preferences. It is good to check their prices before getting in.
  • Study the Culture and Tradition: This is important. One must be aware of the culture, customs, traditions, rituals of the place he is visiting in order to avoid any cultural conflicts. This is the real definition of ethics in other words. Cultural conflict is a big issue to deal with and in several cases people fail to understand this. For example, if you visit a place where you experience few things which you found weird and it was a part of their custom. At this point, many people mocked the traditions. But instead, we should understand.
  • Learn Basics of Language: English is international language. In case if the people of the place you are visiting don’t speak English, then it is problem. So better learn normal conversation or you can buy a book of normal conversation. This way you can even learn the language easily.
  • Respect People and Place: One should not make fun of people and the place. Sometimes it can be too offensive and can lead to several serious consequences. Different places have different people and so are traditions. The clothes, food, traditions, languages etc. everything varies from place to place. So, there is no harm in knowing a little about them. After all you are visiting the place to spend time. Respect the traditions and respect the people. Know about the place, local customs and practices.
  • Visiting Historical Places: Visiting historical places of heritage value is really a wonderful experience. Every country has its own historical heritage and spends a huge amount of money in maintenance and safety. So, we should not harm these places in any sense. We should maintain sincerity and should respect the places. We should avoid littering the places. Talk to the locals what can be offensive or hire a guide.
  • Be Cooperative and Humble: While you are in a different country or place, being humble is a good way to get in touch with the local people. While I was in Nepal, I experienced some of the best memories of my life. So, one should be humble and good at talking with the local people. We know if one visits to different place, both the sides remains excited to know about each, to know about culture of each other etc.
  • Avoid Unethical Practices: If you are in a different city or land, you would probably buy something as a token of memory. Avoid buying anything which is made through child labor or animals had been killed to make the item.
  • Protect the Surroundings: One should protect the environment, the surroundings, animals and wildlife. So we should avoid buying anything which can have a bad effect on the nature. Save the serenity of that place.

So, these were some of the travelling ethics which I know personally as I am a commuter. These travelling ethics are good enough to be followed. These are simple, easy to understand and easy to implement in your journey plans. When I traveled to Nepal, I came across several issues which were very new to new. New people, new culture and new food, there were several other things with which I had to compromise and I had to overcome. Guess what if you come to a place where you don’t like food, what will you do? But I guess it’s not a big deal. Nowadays, every country has restaurants which serve food of your own choice. Travelling brings joy to our life and it works as a stress – reliever. People traveling in bus, personal vehicles, trains, airplanes and other mode of transportation. Make your journey a healthy good one.

Stay happy. Stay safe. Happy FoodRavel.

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