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Tips on Easy Traveling  

Traveling is also an art. It is especially for those who love to travel around the world, for those who want to explore and experience the world. Traveling is more than just fun. It is a whole lot of experiments and activities from time management to crisis management and from financial management to personal management. Everyone has their own tips on easy traveling. There is no definite school of thoughts which teaches you tips on easy traveling. So everyone who has experience of traveling has his or her own personal teachings about tips on easy traveling. And these tips on easy traveling can be anything from small advice to lengthy articles and even some people have written books on traveling tips. Depending on the time, location, preferences etc. there are different tips on easy traveling which FoodRavel shares with you so that you can avoid any problematic situation which can ruin your journey. And we bet, you don’t want that at any cost. Why would one wish to get his or her journey ruined? Right! So we all must have some personal tips on easy traveling. For experienced travelers, these tips on easy traveling may not be new, but the person who has just started to travel, he can know so many things about traveling.

Tips on Easy Traveling

Tips on Easy Traveling: Make Traveling Memorable

Though everyone has their own thoughts and techniques for making their journey easy and comfortable, but make their journey the best moments of their lives. Same goes with saying anything on tips on easy traveling. There are lots of traveling magazines with articles written on easy traveling tips, advices on comfortable journey and a lot other travel blogs are full of information. Here I have summed some things which I have experienced, though there is nothing serious about. It’s just about how I travel and makes me travel easier and comfortable most of the times. Traveling means moving from one location to another location. So, it is obvious that there will be certain constraints which one has to overcome; there will be certain situations where one will have to compromise with. But a little preparation prior to the journey can make your journey beautiful and can save your time and money. And when it comes to traveling to a distant location, traveling tips are highly important.

Tips on Easy Traveling

Traveling to a foreign country is really a challenging task, challenging in the sense the culture, food, language and other lots of issues are there while it comes to traveling out of the country. So, there are certain situations where tips on traveling become quite necessary to avoid any unwanted circumstance. Make sure that you are prepared enough before you step out of our home heading for airport else hold on and take a look at a few things. I guess you won’t want to make anything spoil your journey so easily. So trips on easy traveling find their values in educating people or in a lighter sense telling people about easy traveling and safer traveling.

Tips on Easy Traveling

So, you have Packed Your Bags

So, finally you have packed your bags and now in a way to heading towards your destination. That’s all right. But wait! Have you checked everything? Is there anything that needs a little attention or is there anything which should be rechecked? Make sure you have packed enough so that you need less on the journey.
I remember Mr. Bean where he goes on a journey. Before going, he packs everything in little quantity. He cuts down his pants to make small. He breaks his toothbrush to reduce its length. Squeezes out the toothpaste to reduce its weight and a lot other hilarious things to travel lighter. Hahaha. Funny enough, isn’t it?  Well, you don’t have to do it for sure. There are several other things rather than cutting down your pants or squeezing out your toothpaste. While making your first step towards the destination you are traveling, let’s take a look at few things which are good enough to be focused on. Read following tips on easy traveling:

  1. Have a look back at things: Looking back at the things should be in the habit before packing for traveling. Remember, in exams we used to revise. So that revision makes us evaluate everything so that we could complete everything. Traveling to a distant place can be very distracting. You need to check what you need to carry and what you don’t need to carry. Check if you have packed everything which is required during and after the journey. Check what needs to be taken care of. You can keep a small journal to note down so that it can make you remember.
  2. Avoid Over Packing: A basic rule of traveling is “travel light” if you are just traveling. Traveling with heavy luggage can create a lot of problems for you and sometimes for others. You may find it difficult in managing, taking in and out your luggage from the buses or trains. So you better avoid over packing and travel with light luggage so that you can walk freely and enjoy easily. So Pack Light.
  3. Don’t Get Late: Being late is not a good sign. So, avoid being late as it is not necessary that if you get late so will your flight too. Reach on time to save work, power and energy.
  4. Follow Traveling Ethics: Read the article which I have written on the ethics of traveling while visiting to a different place.
  5. Get your all documents: Traveling to a different location needs a great attention and a bit challenging it is. There are certain rules and regulations for traveling abroad which you need to understand. Check whether you have got your visa, passport, ID cards, medical certificates, your money cards (Credit/Debit) and all other documents which are required traveling abroad. These documents are really important to be taken care of traveling to a different country.
  6. Read and Research: It’s always wise to have information about the place you are visiting. This avoids wastage of work, power and energy. You should better have information regarding the hotels, cafes, restaurants, historical and tourists’ destinations and several other such things which are important. Know about the culture, custom and tradition of the place. The local people won’t easily accept if you try to break or violet any ritual practice. So make yourself resourceful enough to have good fellowship with the local people. Learn their language.
  7. Book before Reaching: Booking ahead is very important. Never rely upon booking after reaching. You never know when the bookings are off. So call the hotels and get yourself a room booked.
  8. Check the Food: Check if your preferred food is available or not. It can lead to problems. So search online where and which restaurants serve the food you refer to eat.
  9. Pack for Place: Make sure that you have packed according to the place you are visiting. This involves packing as per the climate of the place.
  10. Avail Travel Insurance: Nowadays, people are getting traveling insured. This is a good thing and people should approach it. You never know what may happen next. So be assured with insurance.
  11. Know Your Fellow Passengers: It is very wise to know about your fellow passenger. Make sure if the person is genuine before trusting him/her too much.
  12. Make To Do List: It’s better to list down thing to do. It won’t make you happy enough if you spend so much money and time on traveling and when you return back, you find that you missed a few things. My Nepal journey was a complete unplanned journey.
  13. Hold The Subscriptions: Before going out for traveling, inform the newspaper hawker, the grocery deliverers, regular maintainers etc. about your long journey. It is better to save than waste.
  14. Care Your Cash: While you are traveling, your cash in the wallet needs greater attention. Don’t sleep all the time. It’s not a good practice; you may even miss the view outside. Avoid carrying too much and never carry your wallet/money back in your back pocket.
    Tips on Easy Traveling
  15. Take Photo: Yes, it must not sound insane. After all, you are traveling to a different place and you want to save those memories for whole life. Don’t you? You spend so much time and money and you couldn’t take photographs. Sounds very sad! So, don’t be sad. Buy a camera and start clicking. Trust me; you don’t have to buy a DSLR.
  16. Make Music Your Mate: Have some good music in your device. It can help you feel good and rejoiced during the long journey.
  17. Get A Book: You will find bookstores at all leading bus stands, railway stations and airports. Buy a good book to read on the journey.
  18. Return with Memories: Memories mean good memories. I am sure if you follow the tips to easy traveling, you won’t face much difficulty. Before returning, buy yourself and your loved ones something you can keep as a symbol of memory. A souvenir!
  19. Traveling is Good: Traveling is a good way of recreation and making yourself stress free. One should travel to different places. It makes you feel connected with yourself. It makes you feel refreshed.

Traveling is more than mere tips


Traveling is an amazing experience. So it should not be just restricted with some tips only. Tips on easy traveling are just meant to make sure that you will avoid problems while traveling. Else, it’s fun to break free. Roam around, eat and enjoy. Make sure that you are not breaking any ethics. Traveling is meant to make you forget your problems so it shouldn’t be a cause of your worries. Make sure that you travel easy and travel light. These are few free tips on easy traveling. I hope you liked. Is there anything I missed or you want to add, comment below and let me know.

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