Desserts You Should Try in Winter

Winters bring some of the most delicious and sweetest desserts to enjoy. Imagine sitting in the warm blanket and enjoying some amazing hot winter desserts. Or sitting around the fire with friends and then the desserts make the moments. Forget about the diet foods if you really want to enjoy the winters. Because nuts, pies, hot chocolates, cookies, puddings etc. will make you tempt over them and you won’t be able to control your temptation.  If you really want to experience the coolness of winter with sweet and delicious desserts, you need to forget about your diet plans for a while because you are going to consume lot amounts of calories. Winters aren’t easy enough to be passed on and everyone wants to stay inside the blanket only. In such a condition, desserts on the bed is going to make your tummy look bulgy. Well, we will talk about some of the favorite desserts to eat in the winters. Sitting around the heater and a huge bowl of dessert is all what we need during winters. We will look at such 10 desserts you should try in winter.

Following is the list of 10 Desserts You Should Try in Winter: 

1. Pudding: Among the Best Desserts You Should Try in Winter

Pudding comes in several varieties depending on your mood and taste. In winters, puddings are the best to be eaten. Ginger Golden Syrup Pudding, Steamed Lemon Pudding, Valrhona Chocolate Pudding, Pudding Cakes, Date Pudding, Peach Bread Pudding, Butterscotch Pudding, Rice Pudding and you know the list never stops for the hardcore gastonomers.
Desserts You Should Try in Winter

2. Gajjak: Among the Most Delicious Desserts You Should Try in Winter

Gajjak is one of the most famous Indian winter desserts made of nuts or sesame seeds and jaggery. Now you can easily imagine the amount of sugar and fats and thus the calories. But people who love it, they don’t care about anything. But this dessert is a must try. It comes in several flavors, including the chocolate ones being famous these days.
desserts you should try this winter

3. Nuts and Dry Fruits: Among Most Nutritious Desserts You Should Try in Winter

Nuts and dry fruits are very healthy desserts to try during the winters. These include several, such as almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, corn nuts, hazelnut, macadamia, peanuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachio, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, soy nuts, black walnuts, walnuts etc. They are of great nutritional values are needed to keep you fit and fine.

4. Jalebi: Among the Most Sweetest Desserts You Should Try in Winter

Though this crispy dessert is available round the year and can be enjoyed. But the enjoy of eating jalebi in winters is far ahead than in any season. Jalebi is a very old traditional dessert. Nowadays, jalebi is flavored into several varieties. Said to be originated in the Middle East, jalebi is made of Maida flour, ghee, sugar, etc. This dessert will blast you with sweetness.
Desserts You Should Try in Winters

5. Gulab Jamun: Among the Most Mouth – Water Desserts You Should Try in Winter

This sweet blast is also available throughout the year. But eating hot Gulab jamun will make you forget your resistance of caloric foods.
Desserts You Should Try in Winters

6. Gajar Ka Halwa: Among the Most Flavoursome Desserts You Should Try in Winter

This dish is a must try. Gajar ka Halwa is a household name in the country during the winters. Made with carrot, sugar and milk basically, this dessert is also sweet enough to add moments of sweetness to your life. How about sitting wrapped in heavy blankets and holding a bowl of hot Gajar ka Halwa cooked by mom?

7. Gonde Ke Laddoo: Among the Most Famous Home Made Desserts You Should Try in Winter

These are a very common winter dessert specially in north India. These provide heat and energy to the body. Gond is an edible gum which is obtained from the plants. The ingredients contain edible gum, wheat flour, ghee, sugar, melon or sesame seeds dry fruits and cardamom. These are mixed and the obtained mixture is baked. Then after these are made in shape of round balls as ladoo.
Desserts You Should Try in Winters

8. Badam Milk: Among the Most Nectareous Desserts You Should Try in Winter

As the name suggests, this hot beverage will energize you in winters. It is made up of dry fruits specially badam (almonds), milk, sugar, saffron and green cardamom. It is decorated with several other dry fruits.
Desserts You Should Try in Winters

9. Halwa: Among the Most Delightful Desserts You Should Try in Winter

Halwa is a very famous dish. It has several varieties depending on taste and place. Halwa can be of any variety such as gajar ka halwa, lauki ka halwa, moong daal ka halwa etc.
Desserts You Should Try in Winters

10. Hot Chocolate: Among the Most Yummy Desserts You Should Try in Winter

Hot chocolate, is the liquid chocolate or the hot cocoa, which is a hot beverage. It contains cocoa powder or the melted/shaved chocolate with hot water or milk. This category also contains the hot chocolate fudge which is very famous among kids. A glass of hot chocolate fudge is enough for the heart to go yum.
Desserts You Should Try in Winters

Winters bring some of the best delicious foods to the table. Though the list doesn’t stop here, it continues on and on depending on the place and preferences. While of the food detailed above are rich in fat, sugar and calorie so it becomes quite important for those who are on low diet of fat and sugar. So, enjoy the winters. Eath healthy and stay healthy.

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