Top Ten Food Ordering Apps

How astonishing is it to even wonder that we find it really hard to survive without technology? Be it for a day only, we don’t seem comfortable with technology. From dawn to dusk, from kitchen to business, technology has spread its roots everywhere. And it’s the time to get hi – tech with these food ordering and delivering applications. The world is going smart so is the way food is cherish. We looked around and found some of the most useful applications which are quite helpful to satisfy your hunger. Be it fast food, traditional or any other cuisines, these food ordering and delivering apps are like saviors when you are craving for food. Moreover, food ordering and delivering apps promise you to deliver fresh food, so you don’t have to worry about food hygiene and contamination. You need to install these apps in your smart phone, get internet connection and let your taste buds decide what is to be eaten today? Let’s have a look at the top ten food ordering apps in India.

Here’s a list of Top Ten Food Ordering Apps Famous in India

1. Zomato

Top Ten Food Ordering Apps

Among the most popular top ten food ordering apps is Zomato. Started in July 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, this is a restaurant search applications which operations in 23 countries. This app offers you online food ordering, table reservation, cashless payment etc. it was initially started as ‘Foodiebay’. By March 2010, it was listed by SmarTechie Magazine among 25 most promising internet companies in India. It got its present name in November 2010. In January 2015, the company acquired Urbanspoon, a Seattle based food – portal.

Available for iOS, Windows and Android Phone

2. Foodpanda

Top Ten Food Ordering Apps The second most famous online food delivery services in India, Foodpanda is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 2012 and operates its business in 24 countries. One can select from the local restaurants and food places on their mobile phone app and also on the website. It has partnered with over 580,000 restaurants and it processes and sends orders to the partnered restaurants directly. The restaurants receive the orders and deliver to the customers. You can make your profile so that you may save your orders and your favourite restaurants in order to quickly access the information the next time you want to order.

Available for iOS, Windows and Android Phone

3. TinyOwl

Top Ten Food Ordering Apps TinyOwl, famous among top ten food ordering apps in India, is a Mumbai based food delivery application which works on your GPS location. This company is started by five IIT alumni. When you open the application on your mobile phone, this application detects your location and based on your location, it produces a list restaurants and food places nearby you. Choose your food and place the order. Tell them where to deliver the food and make payment either online or cash. This app provides you the details of the cuisines along with the profile of the chef.

Available for iOS and Android Phone

4. Yumist

Top Ten Food Ordering Apps Yumist started in Gurgaon by Alok Jain, the ex – Zomato CMO and Abhimanyu Mahenshwari. Yumist has its own kitchen. It tracks your location to know if you are in their service coverage area or not.  If offers you lunch, dinner and evening snack.  It has a fixed time slot in which you can place your order and the food will be delivered you in short moment. Very pocket friendly, this is different from others somewhat.

Available for iOS, Windows and Android Phone

5. Faaso’s

Top Ten Food Ordering Apps This fast food joint was incorporated in 2011. This ‘Food on Demand’ company operates its business in 17 big cities of the country. The company is founded by Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee. The company launched its mobile application in 2014. Using the application, you can even customize your orders in several manners. You can choose for COD or can make online payment once you are done with your menu. Based on GPS, you can even allow the app to track your location.

6. Swiggy

Top Ten Food Ordering Apps

Swiggy is a Bengaluru based online food ordering service which was started by Srihasha Majety and Nandan Reddy.  This app allows you to select among a wide range of restaurants to order food. With timely delivery, this app also allows the user to have real – time tracking details to know the status of ordered food. The company has personal delivery team equipped with smartphones.  It accepts online payment for the order.

Available for iOS and Android Phone

7. TastyKhana

Top Ten Food Ordering Apps This food delivery portal was started in 2007 in Pune by Sachin Bhardwaj and Sheldon D’souza. Famous among the new comers, Tastykhana offers you load of tastes. You can access over thousands of restaurants for tasty food to match your taste buds. You can make your profile and save your personal information so that you can quickly order food. With payment using net banking, credit card, debit card or cash, this app is all you need. Foodpanda acquired this food ordering portal.

Available for iOS and Android Phone

8. JustEat

Top Ten Food Ordering Apps Very popular in metro cities, JustEat started in 2001 and is based in London, UK. This online food delivery company has its operation in around 13 counties including India.  Users can search nearby local restaurants and can order food from them. It has same features as of Foodpanda along with access to a wide range of food menus and restaurants. As of now, the company is delivering food in nine cities of the country including, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai.

Available for iOS, Windows and Android Phone

9. Burrp!

Top Ten Food Ordering Apps Both Zomato and Burrp! are considered to be started at same time and competitors of each other. Covering a large number of restaurants in several Indian cities, like other applications, it has also scanned the menu information of the restaurants. This app is also like TimesCity which allows you to stay updated with the all the information regarding what’s new happening in the city.

Available for iOS, Windows and Android Phone

10. Times City

Top Ten Food Ordering Apps This is a multipurpose application for everyone living in big cities of the country. This app keeps the user updated regarding the happenings of the city. Not just food, it gives your information regarding lifestyle, movies, entertainment and other events happening in your city. While ordering the food, just select any restaurant from the database, finalize the menu order and you are place the order. Just like Zomato, it also allows access to reading the reviews posted by other users.

Available for iOS, Windows and Android Phone

Along with the easy accessibility and quick delivery, these apps also give you discounts and coupons. You can use the coupons and can get amazing deals on your order. So, download any of these apps and start ordering your food. No doubt, these food ordering applications have changed the life these days. Earlier some food giants such as Dominos used to have their personal applications, but now on these app you can have anything you want. This was our list of Top Ten Food Ordering Apps in India. If you have your own list of Top Ten Food Ordering Apps in India, do share with us and we will feature it!

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