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What is Your Health Strategy?

‘Heath is the greatest wealth.’ We have heard this lot of time. Good health is the sign of good and happy life. Every person on this earth wants to stay healthy and fit both mentally and physically and for this s/he words towards a health strategy. Be it a student, a businessman, a housewife, health is among the primary concerns of every person on this planet. Not only the man, but the animals always wish to stay healthy and peaceful. If you are healthy both physically and mentally, you stay happy and live longer without any much trouble. As we grow old, we feel so many problems which could be avoided while we were young. Nowadays, several people suffer from diseases which they could easily avoid but couldn’t. From fast food and junk food lifestyle to smart technology, we have become too lazy to even take a little pain. We are not walking enough; we aren’t stretching our muscles enough which have made us rooted at one place. A good and balanced diet along with some physical exercise can keep us stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically. Do you follow a health strategy? How do you make your health strategy work according to your schedule?

Your Health Strategy

So, what is your health strategy?

What do you do to stay healthy? How do you plan your health strategy? Does your health strategy work according to your schedule? Followings are few points which can be a part of your healthy strategy if you haven’t setup one:

What is your health strategy?

  • Eat Healthy: A major concern today is what we eat, when we eat and how we eat? Are we eating enough or are you consuming more than enough? What we are eating is good for our health or not? The fast food factor has got a lot to be involved into here. Though it is not the only thing to be blamed wholly, but up to some extent. The main point is how much do we digest of what we are consuming? Are you doing enough exercise to burn down the amount of calorie produced by that particular food? If yes, then all okay, else things are concerning. What do we drink? Cold drinks and soft drinks and other such drinks which we drink occasionally. They can be replaced with fruit juices. If no, then are you burning down and digesting them completely in our body. Again, if yes, then okay.

Your Health Strategy

Eating healthy should be a major priority of your health strategy. Make sure that you take a healthy diet so that your health strategy work accordingly.

Many times, food borne diseases are very serious and can be lethal. So what we eat and how we eat is a matter of great health concern. Some kids have habit of eating again and again which is not good. This causes obesity in them due to accumulation of too much body fat.

What is your health strategy?

  • Lifestyle: We have become slave to our lifestyle. We have created mess for our own. With increasing population, we have increased a lot of problem for our own and for our coming generation. Future food security is a big question. Population and pollution are other concerning things. We are fighting against our own for our survival.

Lifestyle can be a problem when it comes to planning your health strategy. The working professionals may have challenging.

Technology is both a curse and boon we know. But we have become slave to this technology which has created so many problems in our lives. We find it hard to survive a single day without it. Our lifestyle is becoming a reason for ‘lifestyle diseases’. We need to improve our lifestyle so that unwanted problems can be avoided.

What is Your Health Strategy?

  •  Workout: Most of the people complain that they are too busy, too engaged in their life so much that they don’t find time for their own. This is really concerning. A better health strategy should be made up proper availability of time. One should find some time for his own. If not, then we are ill, both mentally and physically. Little workout every morning can avoid several problems. Workout like morning and evening walk keeps your body fit and meditation for sometimes keeps your mind fit. And thus you are both mentally and physically fit. Try this; it doesn’t cost anything before you go to hospitals.

Work out is an important part of your health strategy. It should be practised everyday.

Most of the time, we avoid things even when we know. We procrastinate and that’s how we avoid. We invite problems for our own. But there are better options. Good food and good health. Regular check – up is also good to keep track of what’s happening inside. So, before anything goes wrong, we should understand the need of the time and should take steps accordingly. Our health philosophy should be based on our motivation to stay fit and healthy. We eat junk and then we fall sick. But we can remove the dirt from our body and can manage to stay fit even after this all. And yes, eat healthy and stay healthy.

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