A Look at the Food Joints at Gurgaon Dreamz

Gurgaon or Gurugram, is the place where you can get everything. From being a world famous IT hub and business centre, the place also has some of the best leisure and recreational facilities. From big shopping malls to multi – cuisines restaurants and hotels, Gurugram turns out to be an ideal place to hang out no matter if you are alone, with your friends or family. We visit places to places in Gurgaon to explore about and look into the depths of this always active city. In our walk of exploration, we visited a small shopping mall, known as Gurgaon Dreamz. We visited here to taste the food they offer at their food court.  So, let’s  have a look at Food Joints at Gurgaon Dreamz.

Food Joints at Gurgaon Dreamz

Food Joints at Gurgaon Dreamz Food Joints at Gurgaon Dreamz

Gurgaon Dreamz shopping mall is located at the old railway road, Sector 4 – 7 circle. For many people, the shopping mall is known as Spencer’s as the ground floor of Gurgaon Dreamz is occupied by the retail store Spencer’s. The food court at Gurgaon Dreamz shopping mall is located at second floor.  There are few food outlets at this floor. These food outlets are multi – cuisines, ranging from traditional Punjabi to South India and Chinese fast food. At the upper floor is located Inox cinema. So, you can enjoy your movie and after the movie you can come here and taste the deliciousness of these diners.

Food Joints at Gurgaon Dreamz Food Joints at Gurgaon Dreamz

Food Court at Gurgaon Dreamz shopping mall isn’t much developed yet as all the food outlets weren’t open, though the mall is still not occupied completely for shops and outlets. Haldiram used to have its restaurant here occupying two floors. Later on, they had to shut down their restaurant.  There is a big challenge imposed by a very old restaurant, Harish Bakery. A very famous bakery and chain restaurant, Harish Bakery is located just next to the mall. And most of the crowd visits Harish Bakery instead of the food court at Gurgaon Dreamz. However, there are many other small take away diners and restaurants, food court at Gurgaon Dreamz hasn’t been able to attract enough people, as this was my second time to visit and I was only one there.

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