Vegetable Juices are better than Fruit Juices

Research shows that drinking vegetable juices every day in place of fruit juices is highly beneficial for your health. It is a well – known fact that vegetable juices are considered to be the powerhouse of energy and nutrition. There several reasons for this and one of the biggest reasons behind this is that vegetable juices contain no calories. They are full of nutritious elements and contain great amount of antioxidant. We know that drinking juices every day helps us to maintain our health. But drinking vegetable juices every day is far more helpful than fruit juices. One should take vegetable juices every day, even can be taken in place of tea of coffee as midday snack. No doubt Vegetable Juices are better than Fruit Juices.

Vegetable Juices are better than Fruit Juices – Drink Everyday

Vegetable Juices

Most of the fruit juices contain citric acid and are sour in taste. This can lead to acidity in the stomach. Thus it increases the acidity level in the body. Vegetable juices are full of nutrition and cause no acidity. Whereas juice may lead to increase in the amount of acidity in the body, vegetable juices, being full of anti – oxidants, detoxify the body. One thing to be taken care while drinking vegetable juices is that vegetable juices should be consumed the moment you make it, instead of putting in fridge, as delaying may lead to loss of nutritious elements. It is also advisable to seek help from a physician before starting. There are scientific facts that Vegetable Juices are better than Fruit Juices.

Vegetable Juices are better than Fruit Juices

Fruit juices aren’t considered to be more nutritious and healthy than the vegetable juices neither are packaged juices. Because they contain less amount of pulp, fibre whereas vegetable juices are full of pulp and fibres.  It’s been medically proven that vegetable juices help the body fight against diseases. Bitter gourd juice can be given to the jaundice patient. This helps the body to eliminate the toxic waste and thus, cleans and detoxifies the body within. These facts justify that Vegetable Juices are better than Fruit Juices.

Vegetable Juices

Eat Your Fruits and Juice Your Vegetables

We eat vegetable salad as a midday snack. Drinking vegetable juices as midday snack is also a new habit, which is healthy and keeps you fit and fine. We all want to stay healthy fit and fine. But our lifestyle has left no time to think about it. Thus we are required to think about every small thing which can lead us to unhealthy life. In our routine life, we may not find out time to do workout but we should be careful of what we consume as the thing which we eat makes us healthy and also sick. So it’s better to eat good food so that we can avoid diseases. Drink vegetable juices and stay healthy!

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