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Let’s Start Travelling

Let’s Travel: Travelling to Explore

Travelling around the world is one of the most amazing experiences one can ever have in life. There’s no one who would deny traveling. It’s a fun, adventure and full of knowledge. It exposes you to different places, people, culture and no doubt delicious food. Travelling exposes you to the new, different dimensions of life. It gives immense pleasure and a feeling of freedom. One doesn’t have to be Gulliver or Christopher Columbus to prove that his/her heart pumps the blood full adventure. Just you need to pack your bags and start your journey to a place you love to visit. It can be anything from a short term journey to a long term journey miles away.

Since ages, people have been into travelling especially for recreational activities, to spend some time alone. In ancient times, when people used to live in caves, they would travel one place to the other for basically food and shelter purpose.  But these days, travelling has become a lifestyle and is more fun and adventurous activities. We all are away of the cost behind travelling. Tickets, be it train or plane, then hotel booking and tour cost much and we have to be saving our cost here. You can see groups of people going on road trips.


Everyone has their own reasons of travelling.  People do travel for their own choices and at their own comfort.  But most of the time, it is connected with fun and adventure.  When the word ‘travelling’ is spoken, what impressions does it leave in your mind? I see myself hanging around on a beach, surfing over the layers of water, playing guitar during evening and candle light dinner, however the imagination doesn’t stop here only.  According to a Chinese proverb,

“Don’t listen to what they say. Go see.”

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Let’s Travel to Earn


Never thought that someday travelling can be the money making activity. No matter you need to spend money to travel, but now this has become a way to generate money as well. Travelling isn’t a passion; it has become a profession as well. Travel bloggers travel different places and write about them on their blog and that’s how they earn. Many people have left their office jobs and followed their passion of travelling and thus have turned their passion into profession. But it takes a lot to do so. Basically money, you have to be financially stable before quitting your job. But once you become a successful travel blogger, you need not worry anything.

 Let’s Travel to Explore



Exploration is among those ancient activities for what human being travelled from one place to other. History is full of examples and no doubts those ancient travellers have also written history. We know Nicolas Columbus, Vasco de Gama, Hwen Sang and a lot other travellers who visited different countries and their written work became famous historical documents. And at present too, this trend continues. Let’s Travel to explore places, cultures, art, traditions and a lot of other related things.

 Let’s Travel for Leisure



Are you tired of your daily life and looking for some change? People do travel for recreation and leisure purposes. Everyday same routine and hustle – bustle of this busy life can lead to colourlessness which should be removed. So let’s bring colour of joy and excitement in our life and let’s travel for leisure and relax. Most of the time, people travel to set their mind free from all worldly worries so that they can live happy, tension free life. Places especially beaches and resorts are always on the top of the list. People love to spend some quality time with family at such locations. Travelling also affects your mood and behaviour and thus helps you stay free from worries.

Let’s Travel to Eat

Are you a foodie? If you are, then travelling to different places to taste different food is your love. What to eat and where to eat is always kind of challenge. Being a food lover, one explores the food and taste of different places, be it within the country or outside the country. The delicious aroma and taste of the food doesn’t see distances. Food festivals are organized by countries and food lovers visit them to explore different tastes. In prehistoric time too, human being travelled for the hunt of food from one place to other. So, let’s hit the road and travel for food.

 Let’s Travel to Tell



This can be also be a reason you can travel. You can tell the people about your travel tales. You can click photographs of the places you have travelled and who knows that single pic can make you famous. You can start writing a book of your travel experiences, travelogues, travel memoirs etc. Or you can use your real experiences of travelling and use them for creating fiction stories (we all have read Gulliver and his travel tales). It can also be a way of earning. You can be a travel agent, travel expert depending on your knowledge and experiences.


Travel is a basic human need. Just like animals, we too need to travel. Migratory birds travel to miles of distances. It in our blood and makes us restless. Travelling broadens our minds. This is what pushes us to break free from our 9 – 5 cubicle jobs.  Unscheduled time, costly flights, new people, different food and several other challenges, still our soul is full of adventures to accept anything.

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