Famous Coffee Quotes

Sometimes a cup of coffee is all you need. A cup of coffee takes away all your pain away. It reminds me Jackie Chan’s quote

“Coffee is a language in itself.”

Cup of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the whole world. One of the largest consumed beverages, around 83% is consumed in US alone. No matter what, where or how you drink, coffee is always a choice of everyone from a kid of a senior man. We all look for a coffee moment at least once in our day. Sitting at home, working in office, tired of assignments, or shivering in winter cold morning, coffee makes the best companion to take your boredom away. All we need is a cup of coffee. So why do we love coffee so much.

A Cup of Coffee is All You Need

According to a school of thought, coffee can be a great productivity booster. There is something which makes this drink the most consumed drink. From a small kitchen to huge chain restaurants and cafes, coffee has its own unique place everywhere. Be it a special moment, or a lazy Sunday morning, all you need is a cup of coffee in your hands. And it has become a part of one’s lifestyle. Let’s have look at the most possible moments when all you need is cup of coffee.

 A Cup of Coffee in Morning

Cup of Coffee

Tired of last night’s work? A cup of coffee can beat the laziness.  A cup of coffee can bring you the energy which can keep charged throughout the day. Coffee is said to boost up your performance by 11 – 12%. Scientifically, it can increase the level of adrenaline your body and leads to better performance. It also helps you stay focus on your work and alert. That is why most of the creative people (writer, artist, singer, composer, programmer etc.) are addicted to coffee.

When You Are Alone

Cup of Coffee

Sitting alone at home and finding nothing to do. Well, all you need is a cup of coffee. Yes, coffee removes the boredom and fills you with positive thinking. You will feel good after having your coffee. So instead of sitting silent and killing time, get up and reach to your coffee. Let the aroma of those black beans fill your atmosphere.

During Cold Days

Cup of Coffee

So, it’s raining out or it’s a cold day and you are shivering and covered in thick blanket. All you need a hot cup of coffee.  The hot cup of coffee will make you feel comfortable in cold winter day and you will feel good. You just need to move out of the blanket and reach to the kitchen to prepare yourself a cup of coffee.

When You are Reading/Writing

Cup of Coffee

It is said that coffee helps you stay concentrated. And that’s why you need a cup  if you are a writer and working on your book, even if you are sitting on couch, flipping the pages of your favourite book. From an artist to a painter, from a composer to a programmer, everyone needs  at least one cup in the day.

You Deserve a Coffee Break

Working long hours in offices can make you tired and sick, all you need is a cup of coffee to make you stay active and fresh at work. You definitely deserve a coffee breaking during your working hours. Be it anything, a coffee break is necessary because we love coffee, because it is a cup of life. Offer coffee and make people smile. A Cup, small or big, of coffee isn’t just a cup of dark beverage; it’s a cup of love.