Breakfast around the Globe

A healthy breakfast makes you stay active for whole the day. The very first thing to do in the morning before you leave for your office is to do breakfast. As per the facts, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. This gives us energy for whole the day. It can be in several forms. I remember my breakfast when I was a high school student. It used to be roti/parantha with milk/pickle. This menu wasn’t stable and kept on changing as per my schedule and there came a time in my life where I never had breakfast. Very bad! We will discuss about the breakfast around the globe. We will discuss how the breakfast around the globe looks like, what people have for breakfast around the globe and other interesting things.

Breakfast around the Globe

It is said that food is connected with the culture of a place. In order to know the food of a place, one also has to understand the culture and its people. Not everyone starts the day with the same kind of breakfast that you have. Breakfast around the globe differs from place to place and plate to plate. Some people have noodles in breakfast, some take a bowl of hot soup and some bites the bread with coffee as the first meal of the day.
Breakfast around the Globe

What does Breakfast around the Globe Look Like?

  1. China:
    Breakfast around the Globe
    The country is famous for its noodles and dim sum dishes. Here, the breakfast depends on what place of country are you. But however, people savour hot soups including congee, warm soy milk or you tiao (fried dough sticks). People also eat rice noodles with veg soup, porridge and fried sponge cakes in many parts of the country.

  2. England:
    Breakfast around the Globe
    An English breakfast is very rich in varieties. People in England have sausages, beans, bacon, fried mushrooms, and fried eggs, toast with butter etc. Often the kids have bowl full of cereal in breakfast. The breakfast also includes coffee and juice primarily orange. Boiled oats or porridge is often eaten during winters.

  3. Russia:
    Breakfast around the Globe
    The first breakfast of the day in Russia is usually Kasha, a porridge prepared with several varieties of grains. Russians also have boiled eggs or fried eggs, a cottage cheese tvorog, bowl of cereal. People also have tea or coffee as per their choice. If not coffee, then it’s a glass of juice with cheese toast.

  4. Australia:
    Breakfast around the Globe
    According to Peter Baskerville (Quora user), Australian breakfast includes, toast with butter (thick white bread), thick beef sausages (different from English Pork), baked beans, grilled butter mushrooms, fried eggs, grilled tomatoes and strips of grilled bacon. Vegemite is also favourite breakfast meal in Australia.

  5. Spain:
    Breakfast around the Globe
    The Spanish breakfast is known as el desayuno. The Spanish people have a cup of espresso, lemon flavoured cupcakes or sugary chocolate con churros. Most of the time, the breakfast in Spain is a light meal. Torrijas, the Spanish bread pudding is also a popular breakfast menu in Spain.

  6. America:
    Breakfast around the Globe
    The Americans have several things in breakfast ranging from milk toast, banana bread, cheese omelette, pancakes, chocolate chip muffins, eggs. The people also take have waffles, scrambles, fruit dishes, homemade cereals, crepes, fruit juices etc.

  7. Japan:
    Breakfast around the Globe
    The Japanese do very healthy breakfast. Their breakfast includes several dishes which give necessary nutrients needed for body. A traditional breakfast in Japan includes steamed rice, grilled fish, egg omelette, miso soup etc. Japanese also have fermented soy beans, rolled omelette, pickled vegetables for breakfast.

  8. Lebanon:
    Breakfast around the Globe
    The people in Lebanon eat Kunafi in breakfast. It is a dish prepared with vermicelli (rice), butter and nuts. Other famous dish is Manaeesh which is folded mini pizza. Another famous breakfast meal is Knefe, a traditional breakfast in the country. This dessert is prepared using cheese and phyllo.

  9. France:
    Breakfast around the Globe
    Croissant, a buttery rolls made of flaky pastry, is a traditional French breakfast. The French breakfast also includes tartine (a French bread) served with jam and butter. The people take fruit juice or coffee and milk with the breakfast. Other breakfast meals include viennoiseries, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins etc.

  10. Iran:  Breakfast around the Globe
    The typical, traditional breakfast of Iran includes different types of breads, white cheese (cream cheese, feta), heavy cream (whipped) with several different types of spreads and fruit jams. People also like to have fresh herbs including chives, mint and basil. They take tea with breads. Pache is another famous dish people have in breakfast.

Breakfast around the Globe

Though the list of breakfast around the globe isn’t complete here, as the list continues, every country has its own breakfast menu which differs from other. One can see variation in breakfast menu within a single country as well.

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  • April 15, 2018 at 4:40 am

    Breakfast should be the heaviest and most nutritioned meal of the day. Whatever you have in the morning will take its course throughout the day and health. Advisable never have the following for breakfast on empty stomach: Citrus fruits or juice, coffee, tea, banana, pears, spicy food, salad/ raw veggies, yogurt and carbonated drinks. These should be consumed along with other items, but not alone as they erode the soft lining of stomach and create severe gastro problems. (Sorry for the long gyan) 🙂


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