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Bombay Best Pav Bhaji

I know this place since 2011 and have been visiting there since then. We would go there after college. This place has some many memories.  This place is very famous in nearby places and you will it much crowded all the time. I am talking about Bombay Best Pav  Bhaji. As the name suggests, this place promises to offer you some of the best deliciousness you have taste so far. A must visit place when you are around sector 4 Gurgaon and feeling hungry, go there after 3PM and let your taste buds decide the experience.

Bombay Best Pav Bhaji

The Best Pav  Bhaji in Gurugram – Bombay Best Pav  Bhaji

Bombay Best Pav Bhaji

The city has several eat – out places from street foods to fast food restaurants. Every market has some of the most tempting places to eat. And among all of them is this place known as Bombay Best Pav  Bhaji. The guys do everything on a cart. There’s a huge open space around which is used to sit. Located in the ground of an old cinema, Shakuntala Cinema, it is adjacent to the famous sector 4 Huda market of Gurgaon.


The pav  bhaji is served on low plastic tables and traditional muddhas are used to sit. This reminds me old days of village where the village people would sit around on these muddhas with hukka. Quite a desi style. The pav  bhaji is served in white thermocol plates.  I remember they even served in metal plates too. This place has been able to earn a good name in the area and people always come here be it a party of normal day. I know this place since 2011 and I hope the place is in existence for more than ten years.
Bombay Best Pav Bhaji

When I first visited this place, the price of per plate was 60 rupees per plate. They increased per plate price by five rupees and again five rupees. Now per plate cost is 70 rupees, which isn’t very huge amount. It is reason and can be afforded without any thought. But I tell you, the taste will tempt you so that you will want to visit here again and again. This is what I have heard from folks around. I myself visit here and enjoy the best of this place. This place is like a paradise for the gastronomers who are looking for something new and something exciting. I really enjoyed not only the taste but also sitting in open under the sky.

Forget about the fast food restaurants and visit this place with an empty belly. Enjoy the best pav  bhaji in the town. If you love street food, you gonna visit this place again and again. Get yourself a plate full of heavenly deliciousness plus a cold drink bottle and enjoy every bite you take. These guys don’t only offer you this dish but also some other famous Bombay street foods such as bhelpuri and sev puri.



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