Sometimes You Cancel Your Trip

Travelling is a wonderful experience and travelling with your friends and your loved ones gives travelling a different dimension. Traveling with friends is probably a dream for everyone. Be it a trip after exams, after completing graduation or even after to take a break from the hectic schedule of corporate life, a bunch of friends often plan to visit for few days. Planning such trips is always an amazing experience. Traveling with bunch of friends is indeed a pleasant experience and a great fun. There can be trouble while on the way, but with friends, those troubles can be reduced to fun. And that’s the best thing about traveling with friends. We often dream of traveling with our friends to some dream destination. We plan our trip. But sometimes you cancel your trip.
You Cancel Your Trip

When You Cancel Your Trip…

Cancelling the trip can be literally frustrating and highly annoying. When you cancel your trip, you feel like crying no doubt and you may even shout. There can be several reasons for this. Your friend may step back due to certain problems. Or you yourself may get stuck in some trouble. You may fall sick which can lead situations when you cancel your trip. These sudden changes are hard to avoid and eliminate, but all you have got to do is either to cancel your trip or postpone it to some other day.
You Cancel Your Trip

No doubt, traveling with friends and loved ones is always a dream for most of us. Traveling with friends also strengthens your friendship bond. There’s always a person on board who has the power to turn every serious situation into lighter fun. And always there is someone who remains serious. This fine combination of behaviour is a perfect condiment for a memorable journey. It’s always a difficult task to choose who you want to take on the trip with you. Then deciding place is another challenge. Often, everyone will have their opinions but ultimately things have to be settled on one place. And even after putting so many efforts, there comes a situation where sometime you cancel your trip. This is never a good feeling and can alter your mood. But what can be done. All you have got to do is to “deal with it.”
You Cancel Your Trip

When we get tired of routine life, we plan to go out with our best buddies. When we are done enough with our books and exams, we often desire to visit some place to unwind ourselves. Often companies plan for group trip for its employees so that the employees can remove work stress and can enjoy time of their life with fellow people. But when you cancel your trip, it is really like a moral crime you have done. Yes no doubt, there are always reasons behind, but somewhere this will always pinch in your heart, that you missed a wonderful trip. Missing deliberately is another thing but cancelling the whole plan is like throwing your whole planning in trash. So it’s always advisable to go through a proper research before planning the trip. It’s better to avoid such situation where you cancel your trip. Any sudden event/incident may be potential enough to lead to such situations.

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One thought on “Sometimes You Cancel Your Trip

  • March 28, 2017 at 11:29 am

    #Haha This is totally after some trip cancellations. I started to plan it myself and let my friends know that I am going Join me if you want. The Cancellation ratio has vanished for me atleast but 2-3 friends join me on every trip 🙂 . Nice Share.


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