The Village in the Hills – Jari

Have you ever been to a place surrounded by hills and big green pine trees? A place where the life is totally challenging and also mesmerizing? A place where you won’t find the honking and smoke of traffic, a place where you won’t find people stick to the TV all the time, a place which is still as beautiful as the nature is! Yes, there exists a place like this. The panoramic views of the snow covered mountains with green trees will take your heart away. We are talking about the place where the air is fresh and pure, where the chirruping of the birds is the sweetest melodic music and where the captivating mountain views will capture your soul. There’s a place in the hills. There’s the village in the hills. And this place is Jari. Travelling to such places is really a wonderful experience.
The Village in Hills

Jari is a small village which is almost 20KM up Parvati Valley. This hamlet is famous among the visitors for providing affordable accommodations (homestay and food). Most of the people who visit Kasol, visit Jari too. This small beautiful village with panoramic views lies in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. This place is connected to other destinations which are quite famous among the visitors such as Bhuntar which is 22KM from here while Kasol is just 9KM. Manikaran is only at a distance of 12KM. This place is less touched by the modernization however as the visitors (both Indians and foreigners) have started to come there, this place is being exposed. You will dhabas and home stay, hotels there. The village in the hills is one of the best destinations to visit for those who are looking to explore the nature.

Our Hotel in the Village in the Hills

When we reached Jari, we hired room in a hotel there. Alex told us that his friends were already staying there and asked us too to stay. We got down from the cab at Jari and Alex called her friends. They came outside and we met. We went inside the hotel, Mannat Home Stay, that’s the name of the place. This was a nice and budget friendly hotel. There were different charges for the rooms. We booked a bigger room where we four could stay and its cost was 1400 INR. Its adjacent room was smaller and cost was half of this. I looked around; I found that the village in the hills is really a wonderful place where we have come to stay.

What to say about the view outside the room from the window. It’s gonna make you fall in love. The picturesque views of the mountains outside there were so enthralling. I was lost in the tranquillity of this serene place. The mountains, the apple trees, the meadows everything seemed so soothing that I just wanted to spend my lifetime there. But this wasn’t my home. But the village in the hills is going to be a beautiful memory forever.
The Village in Hills

The Village in Hills
A Paradise outside the window

The Village in Hills

The Village in Hills

We stayed there for three days and two nights. The first day when we arrived there, the second day we visited Tosh. And the third day when we were about to leave back to Delhi. Living in places like Delhi and Gurgaon, one needs to visit some serene and calm place and this is in my list every time. Visiting these places is a meditation in itself, when you are away from the hustle bustle of regular life, when there is no deadline of your corporate job, when you don’t have anyone to call and disturb your peace, it’s just you, sitting under this wide open blue sky, surrounded by green pine trees and mountains and birds singing song for you, life’s seems so beautiful there.
The Village in Hills

Life in the village in the hills is very challenging. People living here have to do great effort for their livelihood. Surviving here isn’t that much easier for people like us who visit the shopping mall and they get everything under one roof. We in Delhi have got huge malls, good roads, transportation, metro and what not. But there I found it is really a difficult task to live in such places. Our hotel owner told us it snows during November and December. The roads are narrow and broken at places. While we were returning from Kasol, I read a signboard where it was mentioned to drive slowly as the land started to erode.


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