Saturday, June 6

Solo travel is the best travel

Traveling is indeed a great experience. Every person loves to travel. When it comes to travelling alone, the excitement becomes double. Yes, most of the people prefer solo travel. Just pack your bags and leave the town. Solo travelling is highly adventurous and full of excitement. I have always wanted to do solo travelling to some far off place. Now travelling alone to such a far place is really a challenge. But no doubt, travelling by yourself is such an immense pleasure. You will always have your own time and space, you will always have your own liberty to explore the place you are going to. There is no distraction. There is no one to interfere with your serenity. Solo travel is more about exploring places on your own. And it is full of wonderful memories. Indeed, travelling with friends and family create endless memories, but spending time in the lap of nature and you are just alone and on your own, this remains an ultimate wonderful experience.

Solo travel

There are some things in life which are only enjoyed when you do them on your own and alone. Or at least you need to try them alone once. Solo travelling is a fun filled adventure packed activity which every young blood would love to enjoy. Be it trekking a hill or exploring the flora and fauna of any place, travelling alone has always been an everlasting experience for everyone. Be it a short road trip or a long travelling schedule, your camera has to be the only companion, no other intervention between you and your expedition.

Solo travel

Solo Travel is the Best Travel

There’s something about it which attracts it the most. Whenever I hear this word, all I can picture is a jungle or a wide open road, I’m packed with my shoulder bag and walking the lonely road, or in the jungle somewhere, camping at some unknown place. But let me tell you one thing clearly, solo travel starts solo/alone, but later on it becomes an entire group. You leave your home alone but you return with lots of memories of new friends.

Solo travel

Solo travellers have this very beautiful tendency to speak with the locals. The locals are somehow more open and curious also. Especially in small villages people are much more open and you can actually sit with them and talk with them. Solo travelling allows you to do whatever you want to do. You can roam around in the streets and market; you are free from any other worry. Solo travelling is more liberating. Solo travelling is like an escape. I know some people who go to bus stand or railway station and board into the bus or train randomly and that’s how they travel, this is what travel means to them.


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