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Do You Enjoy Travelling with Friends?

Travelling is an amazing experience. And when it comes to travelling with friends, the fun never ends. We create some of the best memories with friends which we always want to remember and cherish throughout our lives. As you know some of the best memories are created with friends when we are on our road trip to a remote location. Friends can be our best travelling companions or they can be worst. They can plan a trip and they can get a trip cancelled. But it’s always about fun with friends. Travelling with friends will let you bring out the insanity and you all do those stupid but sweet things which are priceless. When you look at those pictures of bike trip with your friends when you grow old, you will surely love to go back to the road once again.

Travelling with Friends

So, exams are over and colleges are closed, what to do now. Let’s plan a trip for some days! And you book your tickets or pick your open jeep and drive to some place. Travelling strengthens your friendship. And it turns out to be amazing to know that you spent some of the best moments of your life with your best buddies. It’s always luck to have a wonderful travel companion who can make your trip the most memorable of your life, now be it by ruining it or by making it truly amazing. Travelling with friends makes the boding more active and that’s the reason people in young age love to travel with friends.

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Travelling with Friends

College Stories of Travelling with Friends

The fun filled days of college life bring joys to your hearts when you are travelling with friends. You will find every type of person in your life. And you will make a group of your own. A group who resonates the same spirit as you do. This will make you believe that you have got the best group. New or old, friends on trip often are fun to go with. Be it a long trip or short, if it isn’t with friends, then you need one because you are missing the beautiful memories of your life. A long journey with friends is always so wonderful that you would always love to do again and again.

Travelling with Friends

If you remember movies like Dil Chahta Hai and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, you may find more movies on such subjects, where young friends plan a trip to their dream destination and then they develop depth in their friendship.  That’s the reason travelling with friends can be important.

Travelling with Friends

If you are trying to plan your next adventure trip, make sure you have got your friends on the list. And when you are planning to take a break from your never ending busy schedule of life, when you are planning to spend some moments to relax and chill, your friends should always be on the board. The first thing whom with are you planning to travel? Well, there may be so many friends but you can’t go on a trip with everyone. Decide the person(s) on the board.

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Travelling in group with friends is often cost effective and economic. You will be saving on everything done in group. But it on travel fare, food or accommodation. The total amount can be shared and a single person won’t have to have so much of burden on him/her.  When I travelled to Kathmandu with friends, we got out accommodation charges shared and that turned out to be way cheaper. And the money spent on food was too easily paid.

Travelling with Friends

If you are travelling with your friends and one of your friends is a good photographers, it’s sure you will have lot of memories in your hard – drives. You can even have an official photographer of your trip. If any of your friends is good at guitar, you can imagine the fun you will be having on your trip. When you are with your friends on a trip, you will always be confident. You can explore the things in far better ways.

When you are on a trip with friends, you are open to new horizons and never ending fun & adventure. Now the thing is depends on your schedules. Be it a short trip or long, when you decide to travel with friends, you need to keep several things in mind. How? Stay connected as we will soon bring you a new post on how to plan a trip with friends?

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