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Best Hollywood Travel Movies of All Time

So you are a traveller or you are looking for reasons to travel? Wait; let me ask you an easy question, what inspires you to travel? A friend of yours, the nature, the wildlife or anything else? Have you ever been inspired by movies? Yes you heard me right. Movies can inspire you to travel and roam around the world. Here in this post, we are talking about best Hollywood travel movies of all time which will push the traveller inside you and you will just pack your bags and leave the town. These best Hollywood travel movies will teach you great lessons of life and will inspire you a lot. Best Hollywood Travel Movies

Let me be honest with you. It is really hard to generate a list of top ten Hollywood travel movies as there are so many which you can find out. It depends on genre as well. What sort of travel movies am I talking about? Is it fantasy, it is adventure, is it a real life based movie and the list goes on? Hence, avoiding all such questions and confusions, I have prepared a list of ten English movies which travellers much watch to keep going. Let the traveller inside you stay alive.
Best Hollywood Travel Movies

These movies will surely inspire the wanderlust inside you and will make you leave your worries behind and travel around the world. A to do list of every wanderlust, these top ten Hollywood travel movies will serve the best reason to pack and escape this crowded place. And if you are looking for top ten best Hollywood travel movies which can inspire you to travel and explore, you have come to right place.

List of Top Ten Best Hollywood Travel Movies

  1. In to the Wild

Best Hollywood Travel Movies

I hope you know this name. On the top of my list is Into the Wild. When it comes to inspiration for travelling and reasons for travelling, I always refer this movie. The movie is a about a fine student and athlete who gives up all his belongings, money, college scholarship so that he can go to Alaska. It’s a true story of Christopher McCandless. This movie is truly inspiring and if you haven’t watched this movie, then you should just sit and watch it. This movie has got so many things to teach.

  1. The Motorcycle Diaries

Best Hollywood Travel Movies

So, you love long road rides on bike with your group? The Motorcycle Diaries takes you to a long journey of around 14,000 KM to South America. A biopic based on Che Guevara’s life, with his friend in his early age. The film recounts the 1952 expedition, which was initially done on a motorcycle by Guevara along with Alberto Granado, who was his friend.

  1. The Hangover

Best Hollywood Travel Movies

Who can forget this amazing movie? The Hangover Trilogy is among my favorite all time movies. The movie is about four friends who travel to Las Vegas for celebrate the bachelor party and the encounter some serious but funny situations. Their travel experiences will not only inspire you but will tickle your funny bones and you will die laughing. This movie is amazing.

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  1. One Week: A Road Trip Across Canada

Best Hollywood Travel Movies

Ben is informed that he’s been suffering from an aggressive form of cancer. Young Ben is in fourth and final stage. He buys a 1973 Norton Commando motorcycle from a man. He plans a two days excursion on his motorcycle. Ben plans for adventure before everything gets out of control. He explores the nature, meets interesting fellow travellers, romance and a lot more. A film worth watching, this will surely inspire you to take a ride. This movie is among the best Hollywood travel movies which every one must watch.

  1. Seven Years in Tibet

Best Hollywood travel movies

Based on a true, incredible story of Heinrich Harrer, an Australian climber and his amazing friendship with the Dalai Lama of Tibet, this movie is all enough to inspire the nomad inside you. This movie will thrill you with its panoramic views of Himalayas. The landscapes of rural villages and temples will surely give you goosebumps. This movie is a wonderful story for every wanderlust.

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  1. The Bucket List

Best Hollywood Travel Movies

The movie takes you to several places including France, Tanzania, The Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal India, and Giza Plateau Egypt. Two men who are terminally ill go on a road trip. They have got their wish list of all the things they wanted to do before they leave. This movie teaches you to do whatever you desire to do as you have got only one life and travel around, explore the world. This movie is among the best Hollywood travel movies which is truly inspiring.

  1. The Beach

Best Hollywood Travel Movies

A wonderful travel movie by my favorite DiCaprio! The movie is based on Alex Garland’s novel. Richard is a young American guy who seeks adventure in Bangkok. He meets with Daffy and comes to know about Gulf of Thailand. The movie shows the intense desire of Richard to do adventure. If love you love adventure, expedition and exploration, this movie is for you.

  1. Wild Hogs

Best Hollywood Travel Movies

I love this movie. This movie has got everything. It has comedy, it has adventure, it has travel, it has long bike friends, old friends who go on trip and what else is needed more. The main characters are bored of their life and hobs and are looking for adventure. And then they take their bikes and ride on highway and reach Southern California.

  1. Without a Paddle

Best Hollywood Travel Movies

Not sure if you haven’t watched this movie or not, but I like this movie. And if you haven’t watched it yet, this should be on your list. A story of three childhood friends who reunite and go on a long trip in remote river to explore the loot of DB Cooper who is a long lost airplane hijacker. The journey of these three friends takes them from river to jungle, week farms, they encounter serious but funny situations and finally in the end they make it to the place.

  1. The Way

Best Hollywood Travel Movies

Looking for best Hollywood travel movies to watch this weekend? Choose this! The movie is about Dr Thomas Avery who is an American ophthalmologist and his trip to France following the death of his son Daniel. Daniel died in Pyrenees while walking the Camino de Santiago in a storm. Thomas goes there to retrieve the body of his son. If you love being a nomad, this movie is for you. This movie shows the nomadic spirit and how to meet people and travel with them.

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So, this was my list of top ten best Hollywood movies every travel must watch. Though the list of best English travel movies doesn’t end here and it is kind of injustice to make a list like this as there are so many other movies, but still these ten travel movies are a must which everyone should have watched or if haven’t watched, they should watch it. I hope you liked this list. If you have your own list of best Hollywood travel movies to watch, share with us and we will publish it on the blog. Enjoy travelling!

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