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Benefits of Eating Peanuts in Winter

Winter is coming! That’s what everyone talks about in GoT. But as a matter of fact winter is coming and you need to be prepared. You don’t need a sword but you need a bowl of peanuts. Yes you heard right! It’s peanut. Peanuts are the treasure – house of health. Peanuts are the most useful food in winters. There are several benefits of eating peanuts in winter. Peanuts guard you in winter. Peanuts are delicious, nutty and crunchy; they are amazing snack in the winters. Specially, in India, they are consumed by almost everyone in winter seasons. Peanuts have several names. In Hindi, we call it moongfaliI, it is also known as groundnut, earthnut, monkeynut, goober peas, pygmy nut etc. Peanuts are legumes and the powerhouse of protein like every other legume. To answer the question, why do we eat peanuts in winter, we need to look into the nutritional content of peanuts and we need to understand how peanuts benefit our body. So, let’s answer these questions:

Benefits of Eating Peanuts in Winter

What are the benefits of eating peanuts in winter?

When we talk about the benefits of eating peanuts in winter, these nuts are full of health benefits. They are amazing source of nutrition and I remember back in school, our biology teacher even called peanuts gareebo ka badam (the almonds of poor people). If we eat peanuts in winters, these nuts will take care of our body’s protein requirements. These legumes are rich in minerals and essential oils. Look at the following data which clearly speak of health benefits of peanuts:

  • Peanuts have 1.3 times more protein as compared to meat.
  • Peanuts have 2.5 times more protein as compared to eggs.
  • Peanuts have 8 times more proteins as compared to fruits.
  • The protein content of 100 gram peanuts is equal to 1 litre of milk.
  • 250 gram fried peanuts will give you more vitamins and vitamins in comparison of 250 gram of meat.

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The above statistics are clear enough to understand the Benefits of Eating Peanuts in Winter.

Benefits of Eating Peanuts in Winter

How do peanuts protect our body? – Benefits of Eating Peanuts in Winter

As we discussed above, peanuts are full of essential minerals, oils and proteins. There are several major health benefits of eating peanuts in winters which are listed below:

  • If you consume peanuts, you will have fewer chances of heart problems. It keeps your hearth young.
  • Peanuts have Vitamin B3. It sharpens the brain power. Peanuts are also referred as brain food.
  • Peanuts are full of antioxidants.
  • Peanuts contain Omega 6 fat in abundance. Omega 6 keeps the cells and skin healthy. Hence eating peanuts keeps your skin glowing and healthy. The resveratrol also helps in replenishing the skin and keeping it hydrated.
  • Peanuts will keep a check on your weight. Eating peanuts control calorie intake.
  • Peanuts are a good source of Biotin which is a B – vitamin. This is essential for growth of hair and scalp health. The presence of folate and B vitamin also regulates health of hair.
  • The presence of vitamin C in peanuts also helps in collagen production. Omega 3 fatty acids are required to keep the hair follicle strong.
  • Peanuts are rich in phytosterols which is also called beta – sitosterol. It’s been medically proved that these control the growth of tumor cells in our body.
  • You will have mono – unsaturated fatty acids which balances the good and bad cholesterol. These fatty acids also put a check on blood sugar level.

In a nutshell, peanuts are powerhouse of energy. Therefore, eating peanuts in winters is highly healthy for our body. Eating enough amount of peanuts in this season is really healthy. Make sure that you don’t drink water after eating peanuts as it can lead to cough. Happy Winters!

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