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My First Solo Trip to Triund – From New Delhi to McLeod Ganj

I have always loved to travel alone. And when someone asks me for travelling, my first impression is, travelling alone. I love solo travelling. It is the best feeling that I get as a traveller. And the next level is my short unplanned trips. I whenever travel; I usually don’t plan to do. When I reach the destination, then I decide what do to. And this happen with me in this trip. This was my first solo trip to McLeod Ganj. This was my first solo trip to Dharamshala. This was like a dream coming trip. The first day of my solo started on a Thursday night. When I first this idea of doing solo travelling, the very first place that came to my mind was somewhere in Himachal Pradesh, some place which is isolated, away from traffic noise, away from the crowd and a place where I could just lay down on the earth and where I could just watch the sky as long as I want to. I was all set to start my First Solo Trip to Triund.

First Solo Trip to Triund

Start my IBST Kashmiri Gate – My First Solo Trip to Triund

The Thursday morning I packed my bag with towel and an extra T – shirt, my cameras, power bank and left for office. And when the office was over, I took the metro and went ISBT Kashmiri Gate. From there I was supposed to take a bus direct to Dharamshala but unfortunately I couldn’t get a direct bus thus someone told me that I should take a bus to Pathankot and from there I would easily get another bus to Dharamshala. And I found that convincing. Thus as per the suggestion, I took a bus to Pathankot. The ticket price was Rs. 1000 for sleeper sheet. But I offered my seat to someone else and sat on normal chair. I slept there only. While I am travelling, I prefer to read but this time it was different. With great enthusiasm, I started my First Solo Trip to Triund.

First Solo Trip to Triund

I forgot to carry a novel. I love reading while travelling. So, I started listening music on my phone and then slept. When I woke up in morning, the bus was somewhere in Punjab. We stopped on the way, to have breakfast break. I don’t actually remember the name of the place. After sometime, we were back on the road again. It was such all beautiful. The orange hue of rising sun, the trees, the crops, cattle and everything was mesmerizing. And I dozed again. Because I didn’t want the sleep to hit me in Dharamshala. I did something stupid in my first solo trip to Triund and the blunder happened…

I Reached Kaluchak, J&K

First Solo Trip to TriundYes, I reached Kaluchak. Karta was just 50KM away from there. And I wondered where I am, where am I going and why? But I continued, though I came to know that I entered J&K when I reached Kathua, but I chose not to react and continue. That’s what I did. Then, when the bus almost got emptied at Kaluchak, I too got down there. I spent some time at this unmarked, totally unknown place for some time and asked some locals about the bus to Pathankot. I reached the bus stop and after sometime I reached the bus stop. I got a bus. I asked the conductor do inform me when the bus reaches Pathankot, no more adventure, done for the day already.


Pathankot came and I got down. It was very hot day and I the very first thing I did after reaching there was to drink Ganne ka juice (sugarcane juice). That was ravishing. I had a word with the locals about the bus to Dharamshala.  I must have spent more than half an hour there. And the bus came. When the bus entered Himachal Pradesh, I could feel it. Though it was hot but the ambience, the aura, the presence of nature it the air was such soothing that it just made me close my eyes to feel it. I love mountains, I love valleys, I love greenery and I love NATURE. And that was where I was heading to. The bus journey, through several ups and down, straight and zig zag.

I reached Kangra. My mother had a friend from Kangra when she was in hostel back then, her best friend. And I have always thought if I could find her out for my mom. I always ask my mom, if there is any address, or any identity, anything which can help me to find her out, but there’s nothing left. And this dream seems to remain just a dream only. Sad L.

Shopping in Dharamshala – Solo Unplanned Journey to Dharamshala – What to buy?

Anyways, I reached Dharamshala. I had no idea what I was supposed to do there. I had no idea where to visit, how to visit. For a while I wandered in the local market. Dharamshala is indeed a beautiful place, though all the places in Himachal Pradesh are beautiful. I was kind of tired and drenched in sweat so I wanted to take shower but where, I had no hotel booked, no homestay nothing. I was just a nomad wandering there. I visited a grocery shop and bought small toothpaste, a toothbrush, and two pouches of shampoo. Then I visited a garment shop and bought a cargo trouser for trekking. Then I headed to Shulabh Shauchalya (public toilet). There I took shower and changed. Ah! I felt so energizing. The first day of my solo trip came to an end here.

So, if you are travelling like the way I do, means you didn’t plan and didn’t pack anything, here’s a list of the basic things you should buy:

  1. Toothbrush – 20 INR
  2. Toothpaste – 10 INR
  3. Shampoo pouches – As per your requirement
  4. Small facewash – Depends on the brand (around 50 INR)
  5. Handwash – Again should be  around 50 INR
  6. A small torch – Shouldn’t cost more than 50 INR

This is the basic list. You can add anything extra you want. It does well for me.

Then I headed to the market again to eat something as I needed some extra energy. I found a restaurant, Monal Restaurant there which served Punjabi food (dahi parantha, that’s what I mean). Well, the idea was to sit there and charge my devices but unfortunately there was a power cut at that time. Thus it didn’t turn out to be good idea. I could have eaten at some other place.

So this was the first day of my first solo trip to Triund. Stay tuned for more interesting stories…


  • Unlike you, I never travel unplanned.I am sure unplanned trips are fun because you look forward to the not-so-obvious that may cross your path. A travel-blogger friend of mine also faced a similar situation like yours to Dalhousie. They overslept and reached Jammu. There they hired a cab and took another 3 hours to reach Dalhousie.

    • Please connect me with that friend of yours. I am planning to write a post on such travel incidents.
      I prefer unplanned. The only planning I do is that I have to leave.

      • I cant. Because her trip was not unplanned. They never are. They just overslept and missed their station. I also missed my bus in the wee hours of night at Aligarh enroute Agra to Dehradun. It was an official work trip and everything was planned. The bus left in a rush while I was on washroom break. Ab bolo, kya karey.

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