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Triund Trekking – My Reasons of Solo Trekking to Triund

While I was staying at my maternal uncle’s in my childhood, I got to enjoy the beauty of nature. Every morning was fresh and energizing. The soothing sound of peacock, the mesmerizing view of hills and land covered with mustard crop, the animals grazing, and people going to farms, was really a wonderful part of my life that I got to live there. I grew up and shifted to Gurgaon and now Delhi and I literally miss the hills and the love of nature. Thus, I always tend to go into the woods and explore my love for nature. When I decided to do trekking to Triund, the only thing I had in my mind was to embrace the love of Mother Nature and to fill my mind with best of memories. The green land and breath taking views of valley were my inspirations. As an artist and poet, I find my muse here. I have my own ways of solo trekking to Triund. I visited Kasol and people asked why, because I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and still a hippie place. Oh! It has nothing to do with smoking, drinking and hippie place, it’s about the silence; it’s about the serenity and the nature which I miss in Delhi. Travelling is a wonderful experience and if you are tired of your life, then you should start travelling.

Solo Trekking to Triund

It was my first time experience of solo trekking to Triund

I started my solo trek to Triund from Dharamkot, where I stayed at The Lodge for one night. I took the way which was through the village. I bought a water bottle, an energy drink and a packet of snack. And I started trekking alone to Triund. Triund is a wonderful place, owns fascinating beauty in Dhauladhar Range. It is the best trek for beginners who want to trek and don’t have much experience of trekking. There is a magnetic charm which you can easily sense in the air while you are trekking to Triund. You stand on the top and take a 360 degree look around you. You will find green lush ambiance and snow-capped mountains. If you need my suggestion, I would only suggest you to do solo trekking to Triund. I have done trekking in Tosh previously but it was not solo trekking.

Solo Trekking to TriundSolo Trekking to TriundSolo Trekking to Triund

I left the village behind and continued on my trek. I met a guy on the way and we exchanged few words. Together we reached Gallu Temple. The starting point of Triund trekking is Gallu Temple. This place here several cafes and home stays and often remains crowded. When I reached here I found a long queue and there were two policemen who were registering every person and checking IDs and bags. This was my destination where I have always wanted to be. My reason for solo trekking to Triund was to escape from the dull life of New Delhi. I had got tired and I needed a perfect break. Oh yes, when you are in a job it is kind of hard to manage things and go on a trip to Triund like this. I don’t often get to travel, but my tendency remains to travel every once a month.

Solo Trekking to TriundSolo Trekking to Triund

It was a weekend trip to Triund but with no planning at all. So, from Gallu Temple, I started my trekking to Triund alone. However, I wasn’t travelling alone at all here as there were many other trekkers who were like me. The trek to Triund was awesome. It passed through several amazing, panoramic views. The trekking was difficult and tiring. Considering it was May and much Sun, I started to run out of water. One thing to remember, as you move up, the price also gets high. One water bottle which costs you 20INR will start costing you, 40, and 60 INR. When I started trekking at the very starting point, I met with a group, one guy, Shivam and three girls, Shivani, Akshita and Akanksha and we started together. My solo trekking to Triund came to an end here as I wasn’t alone anymore. While we were trekking altogether, we stopped by a small stall (you will find such stall all the way) and bought a water bottle for 40 INR. Shivani asked me to buy Glucon D as it will help replenish the lost energy and that was a great suggestion. We bought 4 packs, 50 INR per, which was double to the printed rate. Mixed the water with glucose, we started again. This time, Shivani and Shivam left and I waited for Akshita and Akanksha. We all three then started trekking to Triund. And that’s how I got a company. We took several stops on the way and took rest. I was all alone by myself. I could have reached earlier but I enjoyed their company and we had great fun on the way. I was fortunate that I found a good company else I would have tuned on my music and would have walked my own way without bothering anything. Trekking to Triund was among my travel bucket list which I finally marked done.

Solo Trekking to Triund

I had mentioned on my desktop in my office – Solo trekking to Triund and I made it. When we reached the midpoint, the view was jaw dropping. I took a complete panorama shot. The place is known as the Magic Point from where you can see the view of valley, the village and everything. I enjoy traveling, especially to such places. There is a café where you can refill your water bottle at 20 INR per. I did mine and we continued our journey again.

Solo Trekking to TriundSolo Trekking to TriundSolo Trekking to Triund

The journey was all beautiful. There were people trekking to this place, kids, young, senior, Indians, locals, foreigners and it was like a fair. There were solo trekker like me, there were groups led by guides, there were families, people travelling with friends and everything was such wonderful. Though, both of them were tired but I kept on pushing and dragging them to trek. So, finally after long trekking, we saw the end. It was a motivation that we made it to the final point. This solo trekking to Triund came through several phases, several stops.

Solo Trekking to Triund Solo Trekking to Triund Solo Trekking to Triund

When I reached the top, I just opened my arms wide and welcomed the air to touch my face, to go inside my lungs and rejuvenate me. This was my dream; this was my destination. This is where I belong. This is where I wanted to come. I was desperate for this trip. This place was kind of crowded. There were small cafes and people camping at the top. I have pursued my dream of trekking solo to Triund. I believe everyone once in life should experience this feeling.

Solo Trekking to Triund Solo Trekking to Triund

Akanksha and Akshita found their friends who were already there. They stayed with them while I moved to the other side and went on the other top. I met with two other guys there who asked us to go to Snow – line. Both the girls refused to come. I agreed and started with them. But I was dead tired and needed some rest and something to eat. So, I asked that I need rest and something to eat.

Solo Trekking to Triund

I visited a café and ordered Maggie. I tell you, the feeling of enjoying a hot bowl of Maggie at this place is really wonderful experience. One bowl of Maggie costed me 60 INR. While I was there at the café, those guys left. I came for them but didn’t find. Thus I thought that I should go down and look for Akshita and her friends but I couldn’t find them too. It was evening time and I just wanted to stay here only. I was hungry, tired and my boots were pinching me.  So, I asked for a tent and stayed there for the night. Solo trekking to Triund was like a mission with no preparation and no planning but still I won.

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