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What to Eat during Monsoon?

So, the monsoon has started here in New Delhi and it’s raining almost every day. People have got little relief from the heat but the other side, rain has also caused little disturbance in routine life. The roads get blocked due to heavy rain. And that leads to traffic jam and other such problems. But we never miss any chance of cherishing every drop of the rain. Be it a bike ride or a road trip with your friends when it’s raining softly or be it heavy rain, the foodie inside us always kicks to come out and smell what’s cooking. When it’s raining, you will surely get to smell some delicious food being cooked somewhere in your street. From hot spicy pakoda or samosa with chai to Maggie, halwa, there are so many dishes to relish in rain. Monsoon isn’t just about rain; it’s also about delicious food. And we all wait for it eagerly. The question here that comes to my mind is what to eat during monsoon? Well, everyone will tell lots of things to try in monsoon and for sure everyone has own recipe. So what goes will in rain?

what to eat in monsoon
My mom cooks this whenever it rains. Sweet memories from childhood…

And the heavens burst out, with great thunder and lightning, it showers blessings. And these blessings are some of the most appetizing dishes. Rain in India brings delicious dishes and not only it does give your comfort but also gives yummilicious food for our taste buds. And we know what to eat during monsoon. We either order online or we cook and eat at home.

what to eat during monsoon

In my childhood, rains were welcomed with cheela or puda. The palatable aroma used to spread in every street and we would easily come to know that who was cooking it. Same goes with halwa. While I am writing this, I am having a hard time focusing on it, because every time I remember these memories, my taste buds are taking shower in water. Keeping all these things in mind, we here are discussing what to eat during monsoon? That’s pretty mouth-watering; isn’t it?

My favorite dish to enjoy during rain is Maggie, no doubt. Imagine, it’s raining outside and there are rain drops on the window pan; you are sitting there and watching the rain outside; holding a bowl of hot Maggie noodles. Well, it is raining outside and I must invade my kitchen and should prepare some hot noodles now. Same goes with coffee. Though I am a cold coffee lover but in this weather I even cherish a cup of hot espresso or latte. No doubt, rain makes us crave for delicious food than any other season. There are so many ideas on what to eat during monsoon.

what to eat during monsoon

When I used to live in sector 4 Gurgaon, the market used to get packed with crowd. Every street food stall had people standing in queue for their turn, be it pani puri, south Indian dish or any other deliciousness. From kids to old, everyone used to come and taste the best of street food in the market and I am sure same goes with everywhere. Listening to some classic songs like November Rain by GnR and the rain and coffee. What a perfect combination. Let us think about this. You are somewhere in Kasol or Dharamshala and its raining; you are sitting in your hotel room, close to the window; there are rain drops on the window; and what you see outside it totally breath – taking.

I don’t drink tea. It’s been long almost fifteen years. There is a great combination of tea or chai with pakoda or samosa. Chai goes well with so many dishes and people who don’t drink tea are somewhat socially boycotted. Well, after all who says no to tea and that too when it’s raining and you have to eat samosa. The next awesome dish that goes well with rain is pakoda. And there’s a janm janm ka rishta of chai & pakoda. You can find out the tea stall crowded during rain and people holding a plate of pakoda in one hand and cup of hot tea in the other. That’s love. That’s pure. So what do you think, what to eat during monsoon. Do let me know in the comment section below.

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