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How can you click photos on solo traveling? Solo Traveling photograp

I always click photographs and I just simply love it. Well, I am not much into the techniques of camera but yes I manage to do that. And when I am traveling, my camera is always on. Traveling is also an art and so is photography. A wonderful combination of storytelling. So, when you travel, you obviously take a lot of photos. But how do you click photos on solo traveling? If you are traveling alone, you have got no one with you and you need to take photos, so what will you do in that situation? Well, I love traveling alone; it just makes me who I am! Traveling alone means you are doing all the stuff on your own and you are clicking photos on your own. Wait a minute, I mean to say you are clicking your photos on your own. Well, can you do that?

click photos on solo travelling

Clicking stunning photographs while you are solo traveling is a combined act of creativity and photography techniques. And if you have all the things, you can easily click photos on solo traveling. There are several accessories; gears which can help you click photos when you are traveling alone. And investing in these accessories and gears is a nice decision but you need to know if these things are compatible with your primary cameras or not.

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When I travelled to Jaipur, I faced little difficulty in clicking pics as I was alone. And I am little shy to ask someone to hold the camera and take a perfect shot. So, I found a simpler way. I have a camera which has a tilting screen which can title up to 180°, so I could see myself while clicking. Also, the camera has an app and I can also control the camera with my smartphone. So, I placed the camera at a place and used my smartphone to click my photographs. I even clicked with my smartphone and used the timer option. I put the phone’s camera at 10 second timer and SNAP! That’s it. And then I did some experiments with it. So, it is pretty simple and you can easily click photos on solo traveling.


How to click photos on solo traveling?

“Hey, excuse me, can you take a photo?
“Tell me how to do it?”

“Okay, just push this button softly and you will see the focus and then push it down. You will hear the sound and that’s it.”

“Okay mate, I got ya!”

And CLICK. I took my camera and thanked the guy but the moment I saw, my excitement was ruined. It was all blurred and wasn’t good at all. I wanted to click myself at that moment, the sun was going down and I missed the moment.

Well, that’s just a situation I face when I travel solo and ask someone to click. But you can click photos on solo traveling easily by following techniques, creativity and gears. Clicking photos while traveling alone is a fun activity and you get to learn a lot.

  1. Carry a tripod on solo traveling

Tripod is a great help. You know the use, right? Just put your camera on it and you are done. You can first have a look at the scene which you want to capture and then can frame it nicely. If you want to click yourself into the frame, you can ask anyone to stand there so that you can get an idea how would you look like if you were there. Now, put the camera on self-timer mode and run into the frame.  Congratulations, you just clicked yourself.

You can also use a gorilla pod or a mini tripod.

click photos on solo traveling


  1. Ask someone to click

Okay! That’s a nice way to click on solo traveling. If you don’t have a tripod and any other gear, stop someone and ask for help.

“Hey there, can you click a photograph, I will stand here.”

And the guy will take a picture of you and this way, you will get a photograph of your own. But just tell them the techniques how to do it and you are done…

click photos on solo traveling


  1. Use a selfie stick to click yourself

Well, I haven’t used it but it’s nice to carry to click photos on traveling solo. So, whenever you are traveling alone, you should better pack good quality selfie stick and whenever you feel like taking a photo, just take it out, fix your phone in it you are done. With it, it is easy to click photos on solo traveling.

click photos on solo traveling


  1. Use action camera

Action camera is a great way of clicking yourself when you are traveling solo. If you have to take a shot of yourself doing snorkelling or sky diving, action camera is the best.

click photos on solo traveling

  1. Use the front camera of your phone

These days, smartphones have got good quality front camera which give nice selfie experience. So, whenever you have to click photos on solo traveling, take your phone out, turn the front camera on and click yourself. You can take epic shots on solo traveling this way. But mind that you are not clicking a passport sized photograph. Do some activity while you are clicking to make it more interesting.

click photos on solo traveling

  1. Camera with flip screen

There are cameras in the market with flip screen. You can flip the screen and can click yourself. This way, you can take amazing shots of yourself and that too without help of anyone. Just rotate the flip screen, put it on timer and say Cheese…

click photos on solo traveling

  1. Use the burst photo mode

Burst mode is a great help if you have to click photos on solo traveling. No matter if you have a camera or a smartphone, you can put your device on burst mode and marvelous action shots. In one go, you can take around 10 shots.

These are tried and tested ways with help of which you can click photos on solo traveling. Solo traveling is fun and adventure, no doubt people enjoy in groups too. Traveling with friends is also a nice option, but there are people who just don’t compromise with it and only travel solo. These days, people are using drones for taking photos and shooting videos of their own. Though drones give amazing aerial shots but not everyone can afford them. Well, now that you are all packed to leave and you know how to click photos on traveling solo, all the best. Do let me know in the comment section below what you think about it.

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