Facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli

Every stone of Delhi has a story to tell. The city is house to some of the most magnificent monuments also some of the most ancient structures which are a part of Delhi’s heritage. These structures not only have made Delhi a tourist destination but also make us remind our past. There is a lot to see and a lot to explore in Delhi. There is a place in Delhi which is considered to be a haunted place. Let’s know some interesting facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli. If you are travelling to Delhi, make sure that you put this place in your list.

Facts about Agrasen Ki BaoliFacts about Agrasen Ki Baoli

Facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli

Have you seen the famous movie PK? If yes, then you must know this place or if you live in Delhi, then this place needs no introduction. Also known as Agrasen ki Baodi) is located in the middle of the city. As per the historical records, it is not clear that who built Agrasen ki Baoli. Thus the legends say that King Agrasen built this structure. Further, it was rebuilt by Agrawal community in 14th century. One fine day, thought to visit Agrasen ki Baoli. I had spent one complete year but couldn’t visit this place. So, my travelling inspirations pushed the lazy soul in me and I packed my bags with camera and water bottle and came here. After spending couple of hours here, I made my way to Humayun’s TombFacts about Agrasen Ki Baoli Facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli

Baoli is a Hindi word which means step well which was used for storing water during draught. Such water reservoirs are found all over the country which were made in ancient times for water storage. The water reservoir at Dholavira dates back its origin to Indus Valley Civilization.

Facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli Facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli Facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli Facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli

Some Interesting Facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli

  1. The length is 60 m and height is 15 m.
  2. There are 108 steps.
  3. Legends say that the baoli was constructed by Maharaja Ugrasen during Mahabharta Time.
  4. The place is a famous haunted place of Delhi and is also referred as Baoli of Unseen.
  5. The visiting time is 9AM to 5PM. People say that one shouldn’t visit after the dark.
  6. The monument is protected by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) under ASI Act, 1958.
  7. Indian Post released a postal stamp in 2012 on the baoli.
  8. There is a small mosque at the west corner.
  9. It is built by lime plaster and boulders.

Facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli Facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli Facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli

The first glimpse of this place actually gives you chill and you feel like being at some scary place. There are many stories which say that this place is haunted. One story says that the black water of the baoli has some hypnotic magic which attracts the people and they jump into it. Every time a person commits suicide like this, the water level goes up. As per the records, in 2007 last suicide attempt was made. This story is hard to believe. The water level is only around 5 feet.


The nearest metro station is Barakhamba Road. From the station, you can take a walk of some ten minutes if you love walking or you can book an auto riksha. Hope that you enjoyed reading facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli. Is there anything that I have missed? Or you have your own list of interesting facts about Agrasen Ki Baoli? Let me know in the comments below.