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Goodbye 2018 from Jaipur – Retracing the same paths

23rd December 2017 – The year was about to finish and everyone was going on trip to celebrate. I had no plans. And then I decided that the Jaipur was the best place to wave good bye to year 2017. So I packed my bags and left New Delhi. I stayed there for over a week. During my Jaipur visit, I covered some of the major attractions of Jaipur, the pink city. However, it was my first time and I had nothing on the schedule. I didn’t chalk out anything. I didn’t make any list and no map. All I had in my mind was to roam freely like a nomad. I never thought that I would come back again to celebrate my Jaipur anniversary at Amer Fort the next year too. My idea of wishing goodbye 2018 from Jaipur was on the track. Since I love solo traveling, so I usually find myself on the roads alone.

Goodbye 2018 from Jaipur
From Amer Fort in December 2017

22nd December 2018
The year 2018 was almost finished and everyone was going on trip. As a travel lover, I was also excited to hit the road. I saw again and was restless where to go.  Earlier I thought of travelling to Triund but I had got construction work at home so I couldn’t think of anything far off. I still had to decide where I wanted to go to wish goodbye to 2018 and nothing came to my mind. One fine day, I saw an Instagram feed about an art exhibition at Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur where one of my known was also participating. I thought nothing could be better than this thing. So Jaipur again, same route, same broke situation but yeah, I wanted to go. Since I wanted to greet and wave goodbye 2018 from Jaipur, I decided not to lose the chance.

Goodbye 2018 from Jaipur

Goodbye 2018 from Jaipur – I visited Amer Fort second time

I had to go New Delhi that day. I reached the bus stand to go Delhi but I saw a bus to Narnaul and boarded in. From Narnaul, I took bus to Jaipur and reached there in the night. The next day, I booked an Ola bike to Jawahar Kala Kendra and spent the day here. And then unfortunately I got fever since I only had put on a normal t – shirt. When I woke up the next morning, I found myself burning like stove and unable to move. I was totally bed ridden for days, for around four days I guess. I felt like I would not be able to retrace the path I was on last year in 2017. Those four days were really dull, being in bed, medicines and no proper sleep. The fifth day, I finally took the decision. However I was weak and still had fever, I left be, took shower (didn’t for three days, yakkkk), and got ready for Amer Fort. I could have gone to Nahargarh Fort as well, but I chose Amer Fort to say goodbye 2018 from Jaipur since this fort is the most famous fort in Jaipur.

Goodbye 2018 from JaipurGoodbye 2018 from Jaipur Goodbye 2018 from Jaipur Goodbye 2018 from Jaipur Goodbye 2018 from Jaipur Goodbye 2018 from Jaipur Goodbye 2018 from Jaipur Goodbye 2018 from Jaipur Goodbye 2018 from JaipurGoodbye 2018 from Jaipur

Sometimes, life gives you lots of chances to ruin everything. When I reached Amer Fort, I found that the tickets were only sold for cash, ATM was not accepted. However, I booked e – ticket online and saved my day. But, the disaster was waiting for me already. I reached the main compound, the diwan – e – aam and turned on my camera. Oh hell! Both the batteries were down. I charged last night itself and I found them totally drained. Well, you could manage with smartphone camera if your main device cheated you. But again, I had my phone’s camera damaged and only monochrome camera was working (Motto G5S+ has dual camera set up, the primary camera and the secondary camera which is B&W). So, the primary camera of the phone was damaged and the black and white camera was working and also the front selfie camera. So I managed with the monochrome and front camera somehow since I didn’t want this moment to pass by so easily. For waving goodbye 2018 from Jaipur, I had gathered enough strength to walk to up the fort though I got exhausted while climbing up the stairs.

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There was a sudden change in plan. Oh well, I barely plan but I had something for the year end which actually didn't work out. I ended up going at the same place where I was in 2017. So, I wished goodbye to the year 2017 from Amer Fort, Jaipur and I again went to Amer in 2018 when the year was about to end. That was one good moment of year anniversary which I did there. However I didn't have any plans and I wanted to go HP but somehow that didn't work out due to personal engagements so I thought this could be a better way to end the year and I did it. #travel #solotravelling #travelinspiration #AmerFort #vagabond #travelporn #traveler #FoodRavel #travelgasm #nomad #nomadiclife #wanderlust #travelgram #instatravel #travelholic #traveladdict #instatravel #travelclick #traveldiaries #travelalone #travelblogger #traveljournal #travelawesome #traveler #travellover #travellife #travelpost #travelingram

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While I was on the way to Amber Fort, I crossed Hawa Mahal and got lost in the same vibes I had in the year 2017. Finally I was retracing the same path in year 2018 too just like I did in 2017. I had a hard time enjoying at Amer Fort since I wanted to be alone and it was damn crowded, more than when I came here for the first time, also I wasn’t feeling well. I roamed around and spent some hours there. From there, I overlooked at Jaigarh Fort and wanted to go there as well but my condition didn’t allow me to go.

So, this is how I again embraced the year end of 2018 just like I did in the year 2017. I made my ways back to home when I got strong enough and recovered a bit from the illness. The journey was chaotic and disturbed due to uninvited circumstances which I didn’t plan for.

I tried Jaipur metro for the first time in this journey however I have been to Jaipur several times previously. While I was there in the pink city, I visited couple of places to hang out. I was recommended to have some quick bite at JBT (Jaipur Burger Truck) and it turned out to be a wrong choice. I was told this place being nice one and a favourite one among the trendy crowd. From there, I headed to Kafe Kone Wala which was better than this one. I just had to change the mood and needed something else to feed to my taste buds. This was a good choice and saved me.

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