Pandav Waterfalls and Caves – A Land of Myths and full of Nature

We reached Khajuraho in the morning around 7 AM. After reaching the hotel, I took rest for a while. The journey was bit difficult since I was not able to sleep properly in that berth in the train. I met a Swiss guy Andi in the train who was travelling to India. And surprisingly, when I reached hotel, I found him at the reception since he too was staying there. We were 7. We two, I and Rishi were staying there at this place and rest of the others were staying at a hotel some couple of kilometres out of Khajuraho. After breakfast, we planned to visit Pandav Waterfalls and Caves.
We all met at the breakfast and decided what to do. The marriage was on the say day in the night. Only we three I, Rishi and Gunjan had to go. So, we decided that first we would go to Pandav Waterfalls and Caves and Kalinjar Fort and from there, we would go to the marriage. I met Gunjan’s friends at the breakfast since I couldn’t meet them properly at the station. After the breakfast, we hired a cab till the night. Also, we hired two scooty.

Pandav WaterfallsPandav WaterfallsPandav WaterfallsPandav Waterfalls

Pandav Waterfalls and Caves – Into the lap of Nature in Panna

So, I and Rishi left for Pandav falls from Khajuraho in the cab we hired. It is located at a distance of around 31KM from Khajuraho and can take around one to one and half hour to reach there. Passing through many small villages, I saw the life of the people there. The road was spirally constructed with many ups and downs. It was kind of bumpy ride. I have lived my life in village, but haven’t seen villages like the ones I saw on the way. People still live a very secluded life here. It was a clear glimpse of what I have studied in books.
So, after a long uncomfortable ride, we reached to Pandav Falls. The way was very desolated and forested. Surrounded by trees and reserve areas, Pandav falls and caves is located on the road. When we reached there, we tried to contact Gunjan who was supposed to come on scooty with others. But our phones lost network. Somehow Rishi managed to call him and found that he met with an accident on the way. I don’t usually travel with friends but this time I did.

Pandav Waterfalls

Basic Information for Visitors – Pandav Waterfalls

Entry Fee – 25 INR
Bike Rent Fee – 100 INR
Transportation from Khajuraho – Cab
Distance from Khajuraho – 31KM appraox

We bought the tickets which costed us 25 INR each. The main waterfall from the entrance gate is at walking distance of 10 minutes. It was hot and we chose to rent a bike to reach there. This costed us 100 INR. There are stairs which lead to the main waterfall and one has to walk up to there. So, we parked out bike and walked up to there. The way was bit long and I was damn exhausted by the heat. However, when I reached there, I was mesmerized by the vibes of the nature. Though the waterfall didn’t have good flow of water but whatever it was, it was enough for me to forget my troubles I had during the journey. The rejuvenating water and cool breeze energized me and I was totally lost in the serenity of the nature. Travelling to this place was a wonderful experience.

Pandav Waterfalls Pandav WaterfallsPandav Waterfalls Pandav WaterfallsPandav WaterfallsPandav Waterfalls

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A Brief History of Pandav Falls and Caves, Panna

Pandav Waterfalls is located inside Panna Tiger Reserve periphery, in Panna district of Madya Pradesh. The height is almost 100 ft. The falls is located on the tributary of Ken River. Located around 12KM away from Panna district, Pandav Falls is very adjacent to mini canyon of India, Raneh Falls. As per the legends, it is believed that Pandava came here during their time period of exile and stayed there. There are small caves and a small pond in the middle. It is a tourist attraction but the major one is Raneh Falls.

Pandav WaterfallsPandav Waterfalls Pandav Waterfalls
The place is also a natural habitat of several wild animals, especially bear. I could hear the cacophony easily and that’s what I always love. I often tend to search for places which aren’t infected by heavy commercialization and still hold their natural vibes. The water was turquoise; I was fishes playing with each other. I just wanted to sit there and chill for some time. But since, we had to leave for our next destination and then to the marriage, we were short of time. From there, we headed to Kalinjar Fort. I wanted to travel alone but this wasn’t a solo trip. However, I desire to come back here alone.

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Pandav Waterfalls

Things to Remember before going Pandav Falls

Since Pandav Falls in located in a secluded area in the forest, in the periphery of Panna Tiger Reserves, there are no restaurants around. So, it is better to carry your own eatables. You may find light snacks, but advisable to have your own backup. Also, the only mode of transportation is hiring a cab or scooty. The phones may not catch signals in this area, so be prepared for that also. There are total 166 steps to reach to the main falls.
Mythological Tales behind Pandav Waterfalls and Caves
As I told before, this place is said to be visited by Pandav during their exile period (from epic poem Mahabharta). And that is why this place has been named after them. The place isn’t much popular among the tourists so it is unexplored and is not littered and clean. The lake is said to be in structured in heart shape and this gives it a romantic touch. As per the mythological beliefs, Arjuna made this fall by his arrow by cutting a rock and that made the falls.

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