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A hill station in Himachal Pradesh named after Lord Dalhousie

The month of May has knocked down Delhi and the temperature has hit almost 40 degree Celsius. While I was too exhausted to bear the heat, I took a bus from Majnu ka Tilla in the night and the next morning when I opened my eyes, I was in a paradise. No, this isn’t a story that I dreamt. But it’s something that actually happened this week. A small hill station nestled in the green lush valleys of Himachal Pradesh, a name every traveller knows, Dalhousie is a peaceful place which invites travellers not only from India, but from outside as well. People get thrilled by the panoramic views and get mesmerized by the pristine beauty of this place. People travelling to this place, return with some amazing memories.



My two days journey to Dalhousie offered me a clear view of this beautiful hill station. In these two days, I not only roamed around but experienced the nature at its best. I got to know why this place is known for its natural beauty and culture. I visited McLeod Ganj and I forgot that place after coming here. I found it more beautiful and serene.

Welcome to Nature’s own Abode – Dalhousie

If you love nature, you will surely love Dalhousie. If pine trees, green lush environment, mountains etc. thrill you, Dalhousie will surely be your next destination. A place dwelling in pine clad valleys with eye – soothing views of the snow-capped mountains, Dalhousie hill station is located in Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh. This place is famous for being a famous gateway and hideout place for the people who get tired of their routine life; they come here, stay and breathe in the tranquility to chill and relax. Tosh village was tranquil as well but with different charm. Dalhousie

This beautiful hill station was founded by British Governor General Lord Dalhousie in around 1850s and is named after him. This place enjoyed great rush of people from Lahore during 1920s, 30s, and 40s who would here for vacations. While Lahore became a part of Pakistan after partition, Dalhousie lost its admirer. However, the town again got its recognition and now is a major tourist spot of India. Now people from all over travel to this place for leisure. Dalhousie

Nestled at an elevation of around 1,970 meters above sea level, this town takes pride in its natural beauty which is given by the Western ranges of Himalayas. Take a walk and you will get the vibes of British and Scottish era. A piece of heaven for travellers and nature lovers, this place still holds the charm of old world with breath taking landscapes, valleys full of deodar trees, meadows decorated with flowers, rivers with flow of water, sky and mountains covered with mist. All these qualities make it one of the most mesmerizingly beautiful places to visit to escape the summers. If you are planning  to travel, consider coming here.


Reasons you should visit Dalhousie

If you live in a metro city, where your morning is welcomed by traffic noise, where you breathe in pollution and follow a typical corporate life which makes you sick, you don’t need to see a doctor, you actually need to come here and see the magic of nature. Situated far from the honking and traffic and chaos, this quaint hill station welcomes you round the year with its natural beauty.Dalhousie

This place has some of the most scenic tourist spots which you will find nowhere. Khajiyar is known for its beautiful landscapes and has been named as Mini Switzerland of India. Also, Dainkund Peak is a viewpoint at an altitude of around 9000 feet which gives you mesmerizing and thrilling views from the top. You will have to take a small steep walk and you will talk with the clouds after you reach there. The life here is very simple and still smells pure which I loved most. I have been waiting for the time to come and finally it came and I got to visit there.



Well planned streets with full greenery and the buildings with architecture of colonial era, this place is a must visit. The churches here resonate with the architecture of the churches which are found in England specially St Francis Church. Markets crowded with tourists, you will find a perfect combination of old world charm with modern touch. De – stress and give yourself a treat of serene atmosphere with nature’s best tranquility at Dalhousie.


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