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Village Malura gave me lasting memories – Smile of Kritika and Angel

Village Malura – a small village located at a drive of around 30 minutes away from Dalhousie, gave me memories which will always be painted in my mind. Whenever I travel to any place, I often tend to look for stories which I can always remember and which can bring smile on my face. I don’t usually look for any big purpose but yeah, there is always a thing that I really want to spend some time with the local people there. I remember my Rajasthan trip where I got to spend some time with the locals of the village where I went. It was such an incredible experience and the memories are really wonderful. The hospitality, the enthusiasm they had, really touched me. That is my purpose! That’s what inspires me to travel.Village Malura

Village Malura

Travelling to such places makes me happy and fills me with positivity. I get to learn and understand how the people who don’t belong to the culture and place I come from; this really makes me feel blessed. In the first week of this month, I made a trip to Dalhousie and stayed in Village Malura where I booked the hotel. Though I didn’t stay here for long time but whatever the moments I stayed and spent there, I collected some happy memories and I returned with a bag of pleasure.Village Malura

Village Malura is beautiful place with beautiful people

So I stayed in an Oyo hotel in Village Malura which is located on the road. It was a nice hotel with panoramic views from the room’s window. In front of the window, there were couple of houses. I reached this hotel at village Malura in the morning around 10 AM and slept since I was too tired by travelling round the clock. I woke up in the evening at around 4PM and decided to go out for exploring local places of Dalhousie. I spoke with a hotel guy and asked him for bus and he told me that I could get bus from outside itself.Village MaluraVillage MaluraVillage MaluraVillage Malura

So I stepped out and came on the road. There were couple of houses and a cute dog. Whenever I see puppy or kitten, this just takes out my heart. I went close to this puppy and there I saw two super cute kids. I waved hello towards these kids and they waved back in response. I asked them if I could take a pic with them and with the god. These kids agreed and we took many pics.

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The story of smiling faces… Kritika and Angel. I welcomed my day at Dalhousie with the beautiful smile of these two adorable and cute kids playing the other side of the hotel I was staying at. Two sisters, Kritika being the eldest came up to me and let me click with them. I took couple of photographs and offered them two packs of cookies, each one of them. The smile that brought the cookies on their faces brought a smile on my face as well. Their warm gesture will remain painted on my memories forever. That's what I love most when I travel. I travel not only to explore places but to explore people as well. And the best thing about travelling is that it allows me to interact with the locals and allows me share my experiences with them and their experiences in return. That's the beauty and a blessing of being a traveler. These two kids didn't even know my name and didn't even ask my name. They took my camera and wondered how to operate it. They were happy to see their faces in my phone's front camera. Their smiles will always bring smile to my faces whenever I will look at these photographs. #travel #traveljournal #traveler #instatravel #natgeoindia #tripotocommunity #vabagond #roamer #wanderlust #travelporn #FoodRavel #travelblog #travelwriter #travelgasm #traveltoday #travelindia #travelersnotebook #traveldiary #traveladdict #travelingram #travelblog #condenastindia #travelstory #traveltale #solotravelling #travel_captures #travelphotography @himachalgram @jannatehimachal @natgeoindia @himachalnaturephotography #highlander_network

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I asked their names, the youngest one was Angel and the other girl was Kritika. I gave them two biscuits packs, one to each. And they happily accepted my girl. Angel even took my camera and asked me what the thing was. When I turned my camera’s front facing camera for a selfie with them, they got happy to see themselves in the camera. And then my bus came. I wanted to stay there for long but I had the day planned out. I still remember their smile and gesture. That’s the reason why I love travelling.

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