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The most spectacular view point at Dainkund Peak – Witchcraft’s Abode

What if you are standing at an elevation of around 9000 feet and all you get to see is picturesque view of the nature? A place where your face is constantly hit by cool air coming from the snow-capped mountains, giving you a feel of December in May itself. A trail which is covered by big deodar trees and green lush terrain is all what you get to see. Well, that is what Dainkund Peak famous for. Dainkund Peak is considered to be the highest peak of Dalhousie. An incredible day trek takes you to the top and offers you spectacular scenic beauty of the place.

Located at around 2755 metres of elevation above the sea level, Dainkund Peak Dalhousie is also known as Singing Hill. From here, one can get bird’s eye view which will leave you totally astonished. For nature and adventure lovers, this place is heaven. Someone who is looking for calm, peaceful environment to spend few moments of serenity, this is perfect place. Sitting at the top, you will get to see everything from sky touching mountains to valleys covered with pine trees. If you are solo traveller, you will end up being in heaven here.

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Trying to connect with Vasco de Gama… Ever wondered how Vasco de Gama reached India? Well, I wonder but I have no answers. If you have answer, then drop in the comment section below. I don't know about Vasco de Gama but I'm pretty sure about myself how I ended up at this place. This is a famous view point which is located around at an elevation 9000 feet, known as Dainkund Peak near Dalhousie. Also a major tourist attraction in Dalhousie, when you reach at the top of this place, you will get to witness a panoramic view of the landscape that will not only leave you thrilled but will also captivate you for long. And as long as your eyes will want to stare this phenomenal beauty of nature, you will not feel like returning from there. Good thing is at this height you can also enjoy golgappe and Maggi. Maggi reaches everywhere but Golgappe at this peak is strange. The air is very cold since it comes from those snow capped mountains so you will find people wearing sweaters in this month as well. . . . . . . . . Follow @Food_ravel for more travel and food stories. #travel #travellover #journey #FoodRavel #instatravel #travelwriter #travelblogger #travelpost #travelphotography #instatravelling #travellingthroughtheworld #solotraveldiary #travel_captures #travelmoments #traveladdict #travelingram #travelawesome #imatb #HimachalPradesh #passionpassport #travel_india #travelforever @jannatehimachal #jannatofhimachal #theglobewandrer @tripotocommunity #travellerspath #treadedtravels #wonderfulglobe #instagoodmyphoto #splendid_himachal #highlandernetwork

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Reaching to Dainkund Peak Dalhousie through verdant valleys

Dainkund was the third destination for the day. The cab was booked for the day and the driver told the route map and destinations which were to be covered. Before reaching to this place, we had amazing views at Barkota Hills but the views from there were nothing which I had there. The impressions of views which I got from here are everlasting. The air passing through big deodar trees can be easily heard. The music of birds is soothing and will make you feel relaxed. You will get to listen the best natural ambience music here.Dainkund Peak

Adjacent to air force sector, Dainkund Peak is simply a treat to your eyes. You can visit here alone or with your family depending on your comfort. Though it will take a short hike to reach there, you should be open to trekking up to the top. I remember while I was at the entrance of the trail, there was a family going up and a man asked me how long the trek was. I could hear him panting. So that can belittle challenging. However, you can find a good place to sit and relax or have lunch with your family. There are good places where you can enjoy your moments.

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Dainkund Peak

A beautiful trek of around 4.5KM and you will reach at the top. This is surely going to be one of the most incredible experiences of your life. The rocky path has stairs to some distance and is surrounded by green lush forest of deodar trees and you will be passing through shade. The concrete steps made here are very helpful for trekking and are safe as well. You will be totally left in awe when you turn around to take a look at what’s behind you. If you are travelling with your friends, I am sure you gonna have some really amazing clicks for your friendship. Dainkund Peak

Dainkund Peak

The drive way is almost 6KM from Dalhousie. Once you reach the air force barrier, you will have to park your vehicle there and this is where the trekking starts. This is a village named Alha from where the trekking starts. The air force zone is restricted so avoid entering there. There is a small room shade made at the top and where you can take rest for a while. From there, you will a complete 360 degree view of the surrounding. All you will get to see is green terrain, blue sky, mountains covered with snow, and trees and a lot more which can only be experienced and is beyond any verbal description. There is a temple as well which is at some walking distance from there, but due to time constraints, I could not get to visit there. Dainkund peak is a great place to experience nature and a wonderful spot for relaxing and hanging out with your family or loved one.

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Dainkund Peak is believed to be an abode of witches

This may give you chills. But this incredibly beautiful place is known be to a place of witches. The name itself means the city of witches. There is a legend from ancient time which says that this peak was once a place of the witchcraft. However, there is nothing like that. It is just folklore. This place is more known for its scenic beauty. I too got to know this while I was reading research for this blog post. Dainkund Peak

Dainkund Peak

This peak will give you a lifelong experience and when you return, you will have lots of memories to be shared and to be treasured in your life. Spending few hours here will calm your soul down and will give your body a therapeutic treatment to avoid worries making you feel relaxed within your heart and soul. So, who doesn’t want to visit such an incredible place?

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Pani puri at 9000ft elevation at Dainkund Peak

I am a great Pani Puri (gol gappa) lover. This is something I find hard to avoid. After a long trek when you reached the top point of this peak, I saw a gol gappa stall. I couldn’t believe it. Well, enjoying a picturesque view from the peak and relishing some really delicious gol gappa, now that’s a perfect journey and a reward for trekking to this place.Dainkund PeakDainkund Peak

Dainkund Peak

Also, there was another stall of Maggi, aloo tikki, bhel puri, chai & coffee. You can also buy water bottle from here. But I am not sure about the price. I remember when I was trekking to Triund, the price of water bottle increased with height. So I am not sure if they are selling water bottles at the same price or different. The gol gappa costed me 30 Rupees per plate including five pieces (or may be 6, don’t remember now). But yeah, that was such a treat to have gol gappa at this height. Salute to the guy who managed to do this.

Dainkund Peak

Dainkund Peak Dainkund Peak

Things to Remember before coming to Dainkund Peak

  • At the top, you will experience cold since the air comes from the snow-capped mountains. You may wanna consider packing a jacket.
  • You may find snow during winters so wear accordingly.
  • Put on shoes with good grip. I often recommend boots.
  • The weather is high unpredictable. So you get to face any challenge in terms of weather.
  • You should have experience of trekking since the height is very steep up to 3KM.

Dainkund Peak

Enjoy the exquisite views from the top of the peak and you will be totally amazed by the scenery. This place is a recommended one so you shouldn’t miss it out if you are around. The best time to visit Dainkund Peak is in March, May, June and October. However you can come here round the year since every season brings here different colors. The weather is considerably good enough in these months. In order to reach to Dainkund Peak, you need to book a cab from Dalhousie bus stand or if you have your own vehicle. There is a parking place where you need to park. Make sure that you don’t litter around. Keep the nature clean!

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