Thursday, July 2

In the ambiance of Khajjiar – En route to the Mini Switzerland of India

The day had spread enough of its glory and it was all set to kiss the night. I tell you the night in hilly areas is one of the best things you will ever experience in your life. Drenched in the tranquility of nature, the night wears the vial full of glittering stars. However, the day was yet to invite the night and I had enough time in my hands. I was at Kalatop having Maggi and embracing the mesmerizing views of the nature. Then I realized that the cab I had booked was for limited hours. Hence, leaving the panoramic beauty of Kalatop behind, I got into the car and we drove off to Khajjiar.


I know people especially college friends have fantasy of visiting Goa. I never had such imagination. For me, it was Kasol first since my college days. I wanted to go Kasol. And no doubt, I did. I went Kasol. Kasol failed to mesmerize me. Kasol disappointed me like hell. But Tosh was my type of place. I spent a night at Tosh and that was wonderful. The second place in my list of fantasy was Khajjiar and while I was sitting in the cab, I was wondering; inch by inch, I was heading to the destination and once I reached there, what would be the next?

I was thunderstruck by the beauty of Khajjiar

Spiral path, narrow road, broken, weathered, gorges one side and hills on the other. I could see some snow hanging off the hills and people were too stupid to scratch their names on the snow. The driver told me how mad these people are! They are scratching the snow and it may break and they may come under it. People often travel to this place and don’t pay attention to safety.Khajjiar

When I first heard of Khajjiar and Googled it, I found it is also honoured as Mini Switzerland of India because of its natural beauty resembles with the natural beauty of Switzerland. I haven’t been to Switzerland however; this was my first time I was in Khajjiar. The driver stopped the car at the parking and told that we had reached Khajjiar. I looked around. I got down from the car and took a deep breath. That’s a common thing I do. I open my arms wide and take a deep breath. A breath of accomplishment… I travel to explore and my phase of the same was about to start.

I took a small walk to reach to the main land there it was. The most scenic photograph that had caught my attention, which I had seen most of the time on internet and on social media. A small cottage surrounded by big deodar trees. Land turned totally green because of grass and a small lake in the middle. That’s why it is called Mini Switzerland of India. Reaching to this place was truly an incredible experience. This is why I love travelling.Khajjiar

Have I seen enough? You must have seen to many ads by travel companies offering you discount on trip to Europe, Singapore or what not. But have you seen enough? There are many mind blowing locations and tourist places in our country that will leave you stunned. The beauty of such places is beyond any verbal description. You just need to go there and experience. I was once surprised to know the story behind Dhosi Hills which is near my hometown and for many years I underestimated that place.

How to reach Khajjiar?

Khajjiar is a small hill station. It is located in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of around 24KM from Dalhousie. Situated at around 6.500 feet above the sea level, this place is surrounded by forests and meadows which add a lot to its natural beauty. Nestling in the foothills of Dhauladhar Range of Western Himalaya, this place is a part of Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary.


You can easily reach Khajjiar from Dalhousie. This is the nearest major town. There are bus services which take around one hour or something to reach there. Also, the road is driveable and you can take your own car. Else you can hire a cab from Dalhousie and reach there. This place is a perfect combination of lake, forests, ecosystems and pasture. Perfect for solo travelers, this place a lot to offer you.

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