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Celebrating World Music Day with Immense Artists at Social, Vasant Kunj

I often get to meet really amazing people while I am travelling. As I step forward in the journey of life, I come across so many beautiful places. That’s a truly incredible thing about travelling. And in this never ending journey of life, music & poetry has been an integral part. I have my own playlist of music to listen during journey. And I often write poetry when I am sitting in some isolated area in some hilly area or in the jungle. I haven’t done any trip this month but I got to meet a group of people who celebrated the vibe of music and poetry on this World Music Day. I was invited to attend this event by Immense Artists, a vibrant group for artists from different art background.
Immense Artists is the result of the brainstorming done by Kanishka and Deepa, both were college friends and married to continue their friendship after college. Travellers are storytellers and they have lots of stories to tell. But there is no solo traveller who doesn’t like music. If you are on the road, your will have your headphones on with your favourite tracks. I was told that this event would bring some music artists from different genres together which ignited my excitement as a music admirer.

Immense Artists

Poetry, Music and Comedy – Immense Artists invited an immense potential

It was 20th June and the venue was Social, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. And that was a working day so I took a half day from my office and took the metro to Vasant Vihar metro station and a cab to the mall from the metro station.
I have attended some open mics previously and even performed at some. I had plans to perform there too. But my bad; my throat was all choked due to fever and I failed to grab the chance there. I almost reached there at time and met the organisers, Deepa and Kanishka. The mic was set and stage was all ready. As usual, I found myself a place in the corner on the last seat.
I tell you, I have always been a great admirer of music, especially the music which needs mass attention. And there, I could people all packed with energy and with their instruments, guitar, tabla, ukulele.

Immense Artists

Immense Artists

Immense Artists

Immense Artists
It was a mixed platform set up by Immense Artists where everyone artist had a place, be it comedian, singer, poet, musician, rapper etc. The event started with a welcome note and was opened by a comic act on music. I forgot to tell you that it was themed on Music to celebrate World Music Day. All the artists came up with great enthusiasm and entertained the audience with their soothing melodies. I may not remember all the names but I loved the Punjabi poetry by Preety. Some of the guitars cum singers had immense potential and I really loved the mashup presented by different artists.
It took two hours for the event to finish yet it felt that it could have been extended to two more hours. Since it was 9PM and the place had access till this time only, even then the curtain fell at a happy ending.
I had a word with both Deepa and Kanishak and asked a few things related to the group. Here are some questions which can make things transparent about this colourful group.

1. What is the about the idea behind Immense Artists?
We both have deep roots in the domain of performance and cinematic arts. Subsequent to years of meticulous and diligent efforts, we built our independent platform Immense Pictures—a forum for young artists—to promote artistic expression, cinema, cultural diversity in the arts, and building leadership capital. An artistic intercultural dialogue in an ever evolving multicultural society is an emphasis point in their endeavours. We both have a vision for holistic training of individuals in contemporary visual arts like cinema, performance arts like drama and theatre, as well as literary arts. We actively engage with the young and upcoming artists, to coalesce efforts for an enhanced mobility of artists and facilitate wider access to culture.

2. How do you fund the events/open mic?
We fund the events out of our pocket.

3. How do you reach out to the artists?
We keep a registration form and call each artist screen them on what they will perform basis theme

4. What makes you different from other groups?
Immense Artists Collective is a project we love and respect at the same time. We are Artists ourselves and can understand the fears and excitement both of the artists who register for our events. Unlike other mics, we go the extra mile to understand the performers and their content. Because these mics are free for all we get a lot of sign-ups but the idea is to get the best of the lot for a great show! We feel other mics are good but there is a little personal connection that goes a miss in the midst of performances.

5. What forms of art do you cover?
We cover all literary and performance art forms – storytelling, comedy, music, mime, rap, beat boxing, b-boxing et all!
Let’s get to know what the artists and performers have to say.
The reason I got back to Open Mic 2.0 was the genuineness of Deepa & Kanishka, which has always encouraged the artists. The first Open Mic was truly a great head start. I have found a true mentor and I draw positive energy from this duo that has made me go beyond my limits in music. Looking forward to Open Mic season 3.0.
I am a stand-up comic and I have performed in the last two shows of Immense Artist Collective in Caminos and Social. I have witnessed here true care and appreciation of Art & Artists along with supportive audience. The last music theme based event was exciting and challenging at the same time. Looking forward to more such events. Kudos to Deepa and Kanishka.
Himanshu Lohani
Immense Artists collective goes much ahead of just offering good opportunities when it comes to opening avenues for newcomers. They go the extra mile, interact with every performer, get to know their likes/dislikes and even suggest content that would help them perform better and these efforts of theirs are evident in the warmth and happy vibes at their events.
Naina Kataria
The idea of Immense Artists Collective as the name suggests is a platform for all artists who come together to appreciate art. In an effort to build a community of artists- storytellers, poets, musicians, singers and comics we want to create a space that breathes creativity.

The group is coming with more such events in the future.


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