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Do you know Khajjiar is known as Mini Switzerland of India?

Ever since I had heard about the natural beauty of Khajjiar, I have had a strong urge to visit there. The snow peaked mountains, huge deodar trees, green lush environment and lake, seems that nature has put all the artistic imaginations in one place and has crafted this beautiful landscape. Located at around 24KM away from Dalhousie which is also the main city here, Khajjiar is also known as Mini Switzerland of India.

Mini Switzerland of India

I have had seen enough of this place’s panoramic views in videos on YouTube, and finally my time came of visiting this place. The valleys around are full of serenity. The huge deodar trees give it a unique look. Serene lake, valleys, pastures with animals grazing, everything bring you a sense of tranquility and makes you feel being in paradise. The air being pure and fresh will energize you from within. If you love solo travelling, this place is heaven for you. Just pick up your camera and come here to capture panoramic, natural landscapes. Photography here is the best way to document your journeyMini Switzerland of India

Why is Khajjiar known as Mini Switzerland of India?

Entirely sheltered in between of a dense forest, this place looks like a dream, a fantasy but it exists in real life. The Vice Counselor and Head of Chancery of Switzerland in India, Mr Willy T Blazer called Khajjiar as Mini Switzerland of India on 7th July 1992 and that’s how this place got a remarkable attention in the world tourism community. Moreover, Mr Willy placed a sign board of a yellow Swiss hiking footpath. It showed the distance of Berne from Khajjiar which is 6194KM.Mini Switzerland of India

There are 160 such locations all over the world which resemble the same topography which makes Switzerland a truly incredible place on the earth. Mr Willy also took a stone from Khajjiar to add to the stone collage around Swiss Parliament in the memory of Khajjiar so that the visitors can get to know that Khajjiar is Mini Switzerland of India. This place will give you a perfect reason to travel alone here. 

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Some moments in Khajjiar For some moments, I wanted everything to stop. I wanted the time to take break and pause so that I'd breath in the freshness of nature, so that I'd cherish every glimpse of this nature as far as my eyes could go. And when I'm hungry, I'd lift up a plate of hot veg noodles and embrace the taste. That's the story of my journey to Khajjiar. I had fantasies of this place and finally I got to spend some of the most beautiful moments of my life. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #food #foodaddict #foodbloggers #foodism #foods #foodie #foodphotography #foodgram #foodporn #foodgasm #FoodRavel #instafoodie #instafood #foodwriter #foodtrip #foodpic #foodstagram #foodlover #foodheaven #foodoholic #foodoftheday #khajjiar #foodiegram #healthyfood

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Khajjiar has perfect balance of three different types of eco – systems which include a lake, dense forest, and the pastures where the animals graze. If you love travelling, Khajjiar is your paradise. Spread in an area of 5KM, Khajjiar is an experience to live at least once. No doubt, Khajjiar is truly an incredible place to visit in this place.  Back in my high school, we had this GK question, which place is called mini Switzerland of India? 

Mini Switzerland of India

The best time to visit Khajjiar is from March to June. Khajjiar is famous for a lot of things. No doubt, its beauty is its introduction itself, but the culture, the fairs of this place like Dal Fair, Baisakhi Fair, Sayar Fair etc. are also famous here and you can get to enjoy them. You have every reason to travel to this place. Mini Switzerland of India Mini Switzerland of India

Surrounded by dense pine trees, Khajjiar looks like an artist’s imagination which has been painted with the best of nature’s colors with full dedication and attention. People even consider this place among the seven wonders of India. Its pleasant climate, vast green meadows, landscapes, breathtaking views of natural beauty, air filled with tranquility, everything makes this place mini Switzerland of India. 

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