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How to Stay Hydrated in Summer Season?

India experiences harsh summer every year. And every time, it seems that the summer comes to break the precious records. Though, summer is the season of fun, celebration, vacations and outings. Schools are closed for a month and families go out for relaxation and leisure activities. In such cases when the sun is always on the top, raining fireballs, one can easily get dehydrated. And not just dehydration, skin burn, sun stroke etc. are some other issues one may have to deal with. So, the question comes to how to stay hydrated in summer season.

Stay Hydrated in Summer Season

Lots of speculations have been made to rule the water intake. Generally, dehydration is the loss of water from the human body. When the body runs out of required amount of water, leading to loss of electrolytes from the body, you feel no energy and fatigue and in rare cases, you may even get unconscious. Though dehydration can also happen due to diarrhea, vomiting etc. but when it’s summer, it is due to the temperature. People try their own tips to stay hydrated in summer season.

Stay Hydrated in Summer Season

If you stay hydrated in summer, this means your heart can pump blood easily to the muscles through the blood vessels. One shouldn’t take dehydration casually since it can lead to serious heat stroke problems.

The first thing you should know is that how much water your body needs. The amount of water which a normal human body requires, changes geographically and climatic conditions. Also, if you are an athlete and do vigorous exercise, you need extra water. So, in order to stay hydrated in summer season, everyone has different water intake value.Stay Hydrated in Summer Season

When it comes to staying hydrated in the summer, the best way is to drink water. Water intake doesn’t mean just water. There are other sources of water such as fruits and vegetables which have rich water content. There are sports drinks which are full of electrolytes to maintain the electrolyte level inside the body.

Here are some tricks and tips to stay hydrated in summer season. Beat the heat with these tips and stay hydrated this summer. 

  1.       Stay cool with hydration boosting nutrients

You need more water depending on the conditions. When your body loses water, it also loses electrolytes. Thus body also needs electrolytes and carbohydrates. For healthy muscle functions, body needs sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride etc. These electrolytes are wiped out of body in sweat. To stay hydrated in summer season, you should consume hydration rich nutrients so that your body can remain healthy and can function properly. One good source is nimbu pani (lemon water). It can be easily prepared at home. It contains both electrolytes and carbohydrates to keep your body hydrated in summer.Stay Hydrated in Summer Season

  1.       Don’t replace water with other drinks

Your body heavily needs water in summer. It is the fuel on which your body runs. Hence, water (H2O) shouldn’t be replaced with anything else. Yes you may drink other energy drinks and beverages but not in the place of water. It is the solvent which is required in all biochemical processes in the body which provides nutrition and removes toxins and waste. Also, water is crucial for blood circulation. Water regulates and monitors body temperature and also regulates body metabolism. It also controls the heat within the organs. So, you consume less water and more artificial drinks, your body will face some serious problems.

  1.       You shouldn’t avoid foods

Food is also as important as water is. Food also has a significant role in the hydration of your body. Around 20% of water intake of the body comes from the food. There are several foods which are rich in fibre and water content. You should include these foods and fruits in your regular diet in order to stay hydrated during summer season. Foods such as watermelon, cucumber, watermelon, muskmelon, tomato, cucumber, coconuts etc. are great source of water and other required carbohydrates and electrolytes. Instead of buying packaged juices, you should buy whole fruits and consume them. One more thing to keep in mind is that vegetable juices are more nutritious than fruit juices.

  1.       Your urine color tells a lot about your body

The color of your urine tells a lot about your body as well as your body’s temperature. It shows if your body is hydrated or not. If your urine shows light lemonade color, pale or straw yellow, this means that your body is hydrated. In case your urine has dark yellow color like apple juice, it is due to dehydration and you need to take proper measurements to stay hydrated. However, the color of the body can also change if you are any medication. Since our body can adapt to fluid consumption, it adjusts to the concentration and amount of urine produced by our kidneys.  

  1.       Always carry a reusable water bottle

Carrying a reusable water bottle is a wise decision. Especially when you travel, you need water all the time. There are places where you may not find water sources such as when you are trekking or hiking mountains, you may not get water there. Or if there are some shops in such places, the cost of per water bottle will be much too high. Hence, it is better that you carry your own water bottle. Also, if you are carrying a reusable water bottle, you will not have to buy water bottle every time. You just have to fill it. This reduces the cost and avoids plastic pollution which is a serious threat to the planet.

Stay Hydrated in Summer Season

  1.       Carry a pack of powder glucose with you

If you travel frequently, you should consider carrying glucose powder with you. It replenishes the amount of electrolytes lost in sweat. It is available in several flavors in the market and is a good source of instant energy in summers. Widely used to stay hydrated in summer season, this is a savior for people who travel to harsh locations. Your body needs and you should give it to your body. Mix it with the water and drink it. Easy and instant energy!

Stay Hydrated in Summer Season

Above mentioned are some proven ways to stay hydrated in summer season. However, we can never avoid that water is the best source of rehydration available. If you keep taking the required amount of water in summer, you can easily avoid dehydration and can keep yourself healthy. Your daily water consumption depends on the loss of water from your body, no less or no more.

 It is said that a normal human body should consume at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day to stay hydrated in summers. This consumption gets reduced in winters. But here we are talking about summers where the temperature exceeds 45°C.

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