How does it feel to eat Maggi at the bank of a river?

When I was wandering in Dehradun, the best moment of the day was when I was sitting by the riverside and was having hot delicious Maggi. Travelling gives lots of memories, be it good or not so good. But yes they are memorable and whenever you remember them, your face draws a smile. That’s the same feeling I had when I sat to eat Maggi at the bank of a river.Maggi at the bank of a river

Maggi is specially served almost everywhere in India. I haven’t been to the South but wherever you visit in North, hill stations, you will find Maggi in cafes, restaurants and even at small stalls by the road side. And you will have tens of varieties of Maggi from normal plain to veg, cheese, egg and what not. Also, from the roadside to riverside, Maggi is the perfect meal to cherish the memories and picturesque beauty of nature. Whether you are going to spend some time at the riverside or you are hiking mountains, you will find stalls around. I too had Maggi at a mountain. It was last year when I went to Triund for trekking.   Maggi at the bank of a river

Planning to eat Maggi at the bank of a river – Things to remember

In many famous locations, you will find small stalls where you can get Maggi. But you will not find it everywhere especially in isolated areas and the areas where people don’t usually go. Maybe you are going for jungle camping there are no shops or stalls around. Now, there if you plan to eat Maggi, surely you need to carry it with you. But make sure that you don’t litter.

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Since most of F&B items are sold packed in plastics, it is really not that much easily to eliminate it all of a sudden. But we can do our bit to avoid using them in excess when not necessary. Specially when we go to such places, like river side, hiking mountain or treking. Plastic has become a toxin for the environment and a global threat. Instead of buying water bottles again and again, we should use carry our own water bottle or recycle the bottle bought. Every place will have trashbin where we should dump the garbage instead of throwing everywhere. The nature needs to breath and if we keep doing like this, the day is no far where everything will be on the verge of collapsing. A small step can make huge change and that small step is to be started from us only. What measurements do you take to avoid plastic waste? Tell in the comments. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Follow #my_foodravel for more #food #foodlove #naturelove #nature #savenature #naturelovers #naturelove #plasticban #instafood #instafoodie #instaphoto #travellover #travelwriter #foodwriter #instaphoto #instafoodie #travelporn #travelgram #nomad #vagabond #tripotocommunity #traveljournal #wanderlust #uttarakhandtourism #uttarakhand @uttarakhand_unlocked_ @uttarakhand.paradise @uttarakhand.tourism @uttarakhanddevbhoomi

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Ensure that you collect all the wrappers, waste materials and dispose of them properly whatever that is left behind. Nature feeds us so it has to be kept safe, clean and plastic-free. Cooking in the jungle isn’t that much easy. If you are carrying all the equipment, dishes for cooking etc. be careful. Avoid wasting water and also pay attention to the stove. Many times, people make stove using bricks or something like that and collect the woods from the jungle for fire.

Here are some points to remember:

  • Collect all the wrappers, waste, plastics left behind.
  • Don’t litre around, keep the nature clean.
  • Avoid wasting water and only use which is required.
  • Be careful while cooking; ensure that the fire is under control.
  • Put out the fire properly after cooking.

Maggi at the bank of a river

These are just some basic things which one should keep in mind you s/he wants to cook and eat Maggi at the bank of a river. When I was eating Maggi at the bank of a river in Dehradun, it was a picnic spot. There were people around and a couple of cafes. But there are many places which are very isolated with less human presence.

Maggi at the bank of a river

Now, if you plan to cook and eat Maggi in the jungle, you have to be cautious since you are in the middle of jungle away from the town or city. If you are travelling alone, carefulness becomes a priority. You have to be a bit more attentive and need to be very cautious. At some places, you need to inform the administration that you are going inside the jungle or by the riverside.Maggi at the bank of a river

If you are travelling with friends, always ensure that you follow the sustainable travel model. Be it riverside, jungle or mountains, you will find loads of plastic in the form of bottles, wrappers etc. And people like us only do this which is very harmful not only to nature but to us as well.

I went off the topic. So yeah, it feels great to eat Maggi whether you are eating Maggi at the top of a hill or by the riverside. Next time you visit a place like this, you may consider eating Maggi at the bank of the river. But make sure that you don’t leave plastic waste behind. Make nature healthy and keep it clean.


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