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Why did I visit Mcleod Ganj from Delhi? My Second Visit to Mini Lhasa!

We work so hard to create a routine in our life & once we set on it; that routine starts to feel stale. The monotony of everyday bores everyone and I am not exception. I took a gap from the routine of 9 to 5 corporate life and when I realized I didn’t have much time left in the hand, I felt restless since joining se pahle ek trip to banta hai! (One trip is necessary before joining). And then the daredevil in me wore its armour and we left for a destination. It was Dharamshala. I was on my second visit to Mcleod Ganj from Delhi. I had visited McLeod Ganj from Delhi last year as well.

McLeod Ganj from Delhi

I had made myself a promise last year when I was in McLeod Ganj that I would come back again the next year and would repeat the things I did there. However, that didn’t work out properly and I couldn’t get the chance to go back to McLeod Ganj from Delhi. One year was over and I wanted to go. But as you know, the same old useless story, no time no money… Well, we have to make or arrange money from somewhere, somehow for travelling.

McLeod Ganj from Delhi

Visiting McLeod Ganj from Delhi Second Time to fulfil my promise

Now that you have known that I had promised myself that I would return there, this trip was for the sake of my promise. While I was camping in Triund, surrounded by pristine, pure nature, I made a promise there itself. This year, I started to hear news that Triund camping was shut down which made me sad. I was so excited to visit there as I had to keep my words, unfortunately, there was no way I could spend another night at Triund top.McLeod Ganj from Delhi

McLeod Ganj from Delhi

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In all this chaos; I made my mind that I would visit the places which I missed out in my previous visit. I couldn’t get to visit Bhagsu Nag, Dalai Lama Temple, St John’s Church in Wilderness, Dharamshala Cricket Stadium and some other places there. Well, I got many reasons for my second visit to McLeod Ganj. I love visiting places more than once after a long time period to relive the memories, but I had more reasons to this time.McLeod Ganj from Delhi

So, I called my good old friend Yogesh Jangra to join me and he happily got ready. Yes! The solo traveller was travelling with someone. We both met at ISBT Kashmiri Gate and took a bus to Kangra. There was no bus direct to Dharamshala and someone advised us to take a bus to Kangra and from there, another bus to Dharamshala. An overnight journey and we reached Kangra early in the morning around 5. Yogesh was shouting at me since I didn’t ask him to pack warm clothes as it was cold there. Well, I myself didn’t pack.

McLeod Ganj from DelhiMcLeod Ganj from Delhi

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I took another bus to reach McLeod Ganj from Kangra and the bus dropped us around 7 in the morning. It was morning, cold, we had to take shower, charge our phones, sleep for a while and leave for trekking. That’s what I scheduled. Thus, we booked a room, slept for a couple of hours to recharge ourselves, took shower & left the place. After having breakfast at a nearby restaurant, we continued our journey to Bhagsu Nag. Last time when I was in McLeod Ganj, I took the way to Dharamkot to reach Triund. There are two ways leading from McLeod Ganj, one leads to Bhagsu and one to Dharamkot for Triund.

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