Why should You Visit Shangarh?

Green meadows spread across vast grassland, with Himalayan Mountains in the backdrop with patches of snow (when it’s not snowing), cattle grazing, atmosphere filled with mists and no traffic noise, would you love to stay in a village like that? And if you are wondering if there is any village of description even exists, then better you visit Shangarh, my friend! Yes go Shangarh and get drenched with the colourful hues of nature which has created this wonderful place in Sainj Valley in the Kullu region.

Visit Shangarh

No, I am not asking that you visit Shangarh only because I visited there but because I experienced it and there is something you should also experience in Shangarh. There is something that I saw in Shangarh and I think you should also see it. There is something that I felt in Shangarh and I thought you should also feel when you reach Shangarh. You will not hear any traffic noise. You will not hear any loud music. You will not see any sort of hustle-bustle. Dive deep into the vibes of this place and you will love trekking here.

But you will see everything simple, clean and clear. You will see wooden houses perched on the hillock and a wooden temple of Shagchul Mahadev. As you walk past these wooden houses in the morning, you will get to smell the food being cooked. You will see kids playing and people going to work. You will see cattle grazing. You will see a lady doing dishes in front of the house, smiling at you. Lucky you are asked for a cup of tea if you initiate a conversation!

Reasons why should you visit Shangarh?

Shangarh village is still untouched by commercial tourism which is a good thing. Yet, sustainable tourism is something which can add a lot to this small village based in Sainj Valley of Kullu region which is a part of the Great Himalayan National Park (A UNESCO World Heritage Site).

1.       Visit Shangarh to detoxify yourself from digital life

Come to Shangarh and switch off your phone. This is the best reason why you should visit Shangarh? Just put your phone on silent mode if you can’t turn it off and detoxify yourself from the social media life for some time and embrace the blessings of nature. You will feel positive and much relaxed from within. Grab a bowl of hot Maggi and cherish the views.

Visit Shangarh

2.       Visit Shangarh to embrace nature

Nature in its purest form breathes in Shangarh. This village boasts of a topography which is entirely green with foliage, surrounded by big pine trees, mountains and meadows (Devta Ground), Shangarh makes a perfect destination for every bag-packer. With its natural ambience, this place is nothing less than a paradise on the planet earth.

Visit Shangarh

3.       Visit Shangarh if you seek solace

If you are someone who is looking for isolation, peace and solace, better that you visit Shangarh and surround yourself with the serenity of this place. The moment you reach Shangarh, you will feel the freshness in the air and purity of nature which is a perfect place for people seeking solace. Surround yourself with the sound of nature, not with the tik-tik of laptop keyboard and gadgets.

Visit Shangarh

4.       Visit Shangarh to rejuvenate yourself

If you are tired of the boring, monotonous life of the metro city and want to take a break, I recommend you visit Shangarh. This ambience of this place has therapeutic effects and can drag out the negativity from you, leaving you pure, clean and rejuvenated. The breath you take here is as pure as the fresh drop of the rain since there is very little carbon emission.

Visit Shangarh

5.       Visit Shangarh to experience the freshness of the morning

Stay in a wooden homestay and sleep surrounded by the Himalayan winter. When you wake you, slide the window pan and peep outside to see the trees, mist, mountains and birds chirruping, singing the morning song. Do you really need an alarm clock to wake up? Just open your arms wide and thank the holy nature for blessing such a wonderful morning which is hardly experienced in cities.

Enjoy organic homemade meal at your homestay and feel blessed for experiencing such a pure, eco-friendly luxury which is nowhere to be seen.

Well honestly, close your eyes and think, do you really need to think about going to such a beautiful place. Do you? If you are a nature lover and you appreciate nature’s beauty and elegance, this place has to be on your list. A travel lover barely needs any concrete reason to go there.

When you plan to visit Shangarh, make sure that you leave your worldly worries behind, make sure that you are carrying your office work with you, make sure that you are not anything that may potentially affect you on your trip. Explore this place and immerse yourself in it… 

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