Gaipernath Waterfalls Kota

For me, Kota was only a place of medical and engineering coaching classes. Well, that was back when I was in school. But when the travel-bug poisoned me, the most iconic place to visit in Kota I heard was GaradiyaMahadev Mandir which is a natural gorge located in the middle of a forest reserve. And I had reached Kota only to visit GaradiyaMahadev and I was not aware if there was any place by the name Gaipernath Mandir in Kota. When I booked Ola till GaradiyaMahadev, the driver told me that I should also visit Gaipernath waterfalls and that’s how I got to know about this hidden gem of nature.

Gaipernath Waterfalls Kota

In the middle of water streams and gorges – Gaipernath Waterfalls Kota 

I did an overnight journey to Kota from IFFCO Chauk Gurgaon. After reaching the Oyo hotel where I had booked a room for two days, I freshened up and called a couple of taxi operators to check the price till GaradiyaMahadev and most of them were quoting way too higher. Well, I read a few blogs and people had mentioned that they booked a cab in around 1200 to 1500 INR. So, I had a price slot to negotiate. With no hope, I decided to book Ola in 1500, a fair deal for me. This was my 11th journey of 2019. Before this, I visited Shangarh, a small village nestling in Sainj Valley.

Gaipernath Waterfalls Kota
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So, the driver reached, I got in and we drove off to the location. On the way, we had some chit-chat about where I from was and other similar things. When I got to know that I came Kota to visit Garadiya, he told me that there was one more similar location by the name Gaipernath, a gorge with a temple and lots of water cascade, a small pond and rocks. Well, that’s almost what I had read about Garadiya but this place sounded the same. 

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Where is Gapernath Falls located and how to reach there? 

Gapernath falls is located 3km away from Rajasthan Technical University on Rawat Bhata Road. I am not sure if there is any bus or public transport to this falls. I booked Ola to reach there. Do let me know in the comment section below if you know any cheaper means of reaching Gapernath from Kota. Gaipernath is located at a distance of around 24km from Kota. 

Gaipernath Waterfalls Kota

Why is Gaipernath Waterfall famous?

When I reached at the entrance of Gaipernath temple, I bought some offerings as kids were selling some prasad and other things which were to be offered to the temple. And there were monkeys, lots of monkeys, like Galtaji Temple of Jaipur. Gaipernath is among to most visited places of Kota. Though the waterfall comes to life during monsoon, I visited there in November and there were many cascades and small water bodies in the middle. 

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The rocky terrain and uneven path led by stairs, birds singing, the sound of water falling on the ground, everything fills the ambiance with tranquillity. There is a temple by the name Gapernath Temple which is located down in the gorge. The waterfall comes to life during monsoon. 

Gaipernath Waterfalls Kota
Gaipernath Waterfalls Kota

Near the falls, there is a small temple dedicated to Gapernath. People say there is a fair organized on the occasion of Shiv Ratri. The shrine is said to have been built in the 15th century. 

Gaipernath Waterfalls Kota

Why should you visit Gapernath Waterfalls?

Gapernath Falls is around 120 feet high, encompassed by several heavy rocks. The soothing music of water splashing and gushing fills the environment with serenity. For a nature lover, this place can be an amazing destination near Kota. Sitting for a while and listening to the music of nature can make you peaceful. Among the most scenic beauties of Rajasthan, it is a must visit place of Kota. 

Gaipernath Waterfalls Kota
Gaipernath Waterfalls Kota

Is it safe or risky to visit Gapernath Falls?

Gapernath is a natural gorge. A total of 250 stairs take you down the actual place (though I didn’t count it, I read it online somewhere). When the monsoon is at its peak, the stairs become very slippery and one must be very careful while stepping down. Also, there are lots of monkeys which can be a little challenging to go there. Foods attract them so make sure that you carry no food open. Don’t tempt them and don’t tease them. 

Ticket and Timings of Gapernath Waterfall

Gaipernath waterfalls open at 5 AM and close by 7 PM. There are entry charges and one can do photography or videography without any trouble. Just make sure that you don’t spoil the sanctity of this place and don’t harm nature. 

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Best Time to Visit Gaipernath Waterfalls

The best time to visit a waterfall is in monsoon and Gaipernath waterfall is no exception. During the monsoon when the rivers on their peak, the waterfalls are also on their full swing and that adds beauty to the place. The flora and fauna, green lush environment and the active waterfall, everything becomes so scenic. However, it can be visited around the clock. I visited Gaipernath in November. 

Nature offers so much to explore and so much to learn. Gaipernath is a nice example of such places which are blessed by nature. 

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