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World’s Wonders at One Place – Visiting Seven Wonders Park Kota

Kota was never this brilliant and only a place of academic institutions for me (which I had already told in my previous posts). However, when I decided a trip to Garadia Mahadev, many more places were added to my list and I spent two days there. While one evening, I was strolling around the streets and markets, I came across Seven Wonders Park in Kota, located adjacent to a lake. Travelling like this randomly really creates amazing memories and I enjoy doing so. I come across several astonishing places which I had never checked out even online. Kota’s 7 Wonders Park caught my attention when I passed by. A new addition for the city’s tourism and entertainment, Seven Wonders Park is a must-visit place in Kota whenever you are around. When I was on my weekend journey to Kota, I visited Garadia Mahadev, Gaipernath and Wonders Park in one day and then I moved to Bundi to visit famous places there.

Seven Wonders Park Kota

Maybe, you can’t go to Paris to see Eiffel Tower or can’t go New York to see Statue of Liberty but if you want to experience the same in Kota, head to the famous 7 Wonders Park where you will get to see the replicas of all the iconic monuments of the world.

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Seven Wonders Park Kota

Attraction of Kota Wonder Park – Which replicas are placed in the park? 

The park houses all the 7 iconic monuments of the world which are listed below:

  1. Eiffel Tower, France
  2. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
  3. Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
  4. Statue of Liberty, USA
  5. Pyramid of Giza, Egypt
  6. Colosseum, Italy
  7. Taj Mahal, India

These replicas are very small in sizes and are placed at a distance from each other inside the park.

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Interesting Information about Seven Wonders Park Kota

  • Seven Wonders Park of Kota was made in 2013.
  • The park is located at Kishore Sagar Lake, Kota, Rajasthan. 
  • Urban Development Department undertook the project of building this wonderful park. 
  • The total amount invested in the project was 20 crores. 
  • More than 150 workers/artists were involved in building this park.
Seven Wonders Park Kota

Timings of 7 Wonders Park Kota – Best Time to Visit 

The park opens for the tourist on all working days from 4:30 PM to 10 PM except Wednesday. On Wednesday, 7 Wonders Park Kota opens at 11 AM to 10 PM. The best time to visit Kota Wonders Park is during evening hours when all the monument replicas are showered in yellow light and the views look incredible.

Seven Wonders Park Kota

Entry ticket of Seven Wonders Park Kota 

The park is open for everyone at very minimal entry charge. The entry ticket for 12+ years old costs Rs 10 while the same ticket is priced at s 5 for 3-12 years old tourists.

Is photography allowed inside 7 Wonders Park Kota?

Oh yes! Photography is allowed inside the park. The park allows treasuring the moments with family and friends who come here to enjoy and have a good time. Take out your phone and click a memorable selfie with your loved ones and frame the memories forever. Make sure that you aren’t too close to the replicas however; all the replicas are kept in boundaries. This certainly will alarm the security guards as well.

Seven Wonders Park Kota

Is there any food option available at 7 Wonder Park Kota?

There is a food court at 7 Wonders Park from where you can get light snacks, juices, cold drinks, fast food, etc.

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