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Sukh Niwas Mahal Bundi- The Place where Rudyard Kipling Stayed

Every site I visited in Bundi, I found how glorious the city would have been in the past. From forts to cenotaphs and lakes, this place must have enjoyed a splendid time. Bundi may not be a hot tourist spot, but it’s a perfect destination for offbeat travelling. If you are around Delhi and looking for a weekend destination, solo or with others, you may wanna consider Bundi as your place. Two days are enough to explore this lesser-known travellers’ paradise. Though I only spent one day in this city and visited as many places as possible in one day; my second last site was Sukh Niwas Mahal Bundi.

Sukh Niwas Palace Bundi
Jait Sagar Lake (View from Sukh Niwas Palace Bundi)

The city is stuffed with lots of historical places including 84 Pillared Cenotaphs, Raniji ki Baori, Taragarh, etc. which make Bundi a perfect destination for every traveller who is into history and architecture. However, Sukh Niwas Mahal Bundi doesn’t hold that much of architectural significance yet this place holds several other interesting stories which make it a must visit place in Bundi. This Hadoti town in Rajasthan is known for its glorious past which had witnessed a lot of battles and rulers.

Location and History of Sukh Niwas Mahal Bundi 

Sukh Niwas Mahal or Sukh Niwas Palace Bundi was built by Maharaja Vishnu Singh in 1773. I have also read that this palace was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh. Sukh Palace is located around 3-4km away from the main city. You need to take an auto or if you have your vehicle, that’s perfect. Since there are no regular public vehicles on the route, auto rickshaws are the only easily available transport means.

Sukh Niwas Palace Bundi
Sukh Niwas Palace Bundi
Sukh Niwas Palace Bundi
Sukh Niwas Palace Bundi
Water Lillies in Jait Sagar Lake

Sukh Niwas Mahal Bundi was a Summer Palace

Jait Sagar Lake with lots of lotus plants in the foreground and mountains in the background, Sukh Niwas Mahal Bundi is set amid a fairy tale ambience. The king got it built as a summer place so that the kings and royal guests could come here to rest after hunting in the surrounding hills.

Sukh Niwas Palace Bundi
Sukh Niwas Palace Bundi
Sukh Niwas Palace Bundi

Since the palace is built at the banks of Jait Sagar Lake, the views from the windows of the palace are exquisite and thrilling. I have even read somewhere that the kings also used this palace to do their wicked activities. Well, what wicked activities were those, I am not sure about them.

Rudyard Kipling Stayed at Sukh Niwas Palace Bundi  

Palace of Bliss or Sukh Niwas Mahal has connections with the world-famous author Rudyard Kipling who is known for The Jungle Book. Kipling has later revealed that it was Sukh Niwas Palace from where he got the inspiration to write Kim. As the name suggests, Sukh Niwas Palace or Sukh Sagar Mahal is drenched in peace and tranquillity surrounded by gardens, water, lots of greeneries which make it a perfect, ideal destination for stay and that must have been the reason behind Rudyard Kipling’s stay here. There a room dedicated to the author’s memories. You will find several rare photographs tucked on the walls of the room.

The Architecture of Sukh Niwas Mahal Bundi

Sikh Niwas Mahal is a fine example of Rajput architectural style. Unlike other structures which are mostly built in red sandstone, this one is built with locally mined stones. The structure is adorned with pillars, brackets, balconies, etc. which all together give is a beautiful touch. You will find many statues and sculptures.

There is a room which is dedicated to the Bundi paintings. You will find lots of traditional Bundi paintings tucked on the walls. These paintings depict different scenes from battles to courtroom processions.

Ticket of Sukh Niwas Bundi

The ticket for Sukh Niwas costs Rs 50. However, you can take a composite ticket of Rs 75 which includes Sukh Niwas, Rani Ji Ki Baori and 84 Pillared Cenotaph. I bought this ticket from Raniji ki Baori and from there I took an auto-rickshaw to reach Sukh Niwas and from where I headed to 84 Pillared Cenotaphs.


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