Sunday, July 5

Where to eat in Bundi?

I kept roaming in Bundi till the evening. I had visited all the places which I included in my one day’s itinerary and then I searched for a place to eat in Bundi. The last place that I visited in Bundi was 84 pillared cenotaph which was a little bit far from the main market. When I came out on the main road after visiting the chhatri, I stopped an auto wallah and asked him to drop me at a nice place to eat in Bundi.

“Yaha koi badhiya restaurant hai kya?” (Is there a nice restaurant nearby?)

“Han, hai na! Apko kis type ka chahiye?” (Yes, there are. What’s your choice?)

“Ek achcha sa restaurant jaha m thodi der baith ke aram kar saku or achcha kha saku” (I am looking for a place where I can sit, relax and enjoy a scrumptious meal.)

“EK yaha yaha nazdeek. Badhiya wala hai. Le chalu?” (There’s one nearby, it’s nice. Should I take you there?)

“Han, theek hai! Chalo.” (Yeah, that’s fine! Let’s go.)

And I got into the auto and he drove me to that place. On the way, he talked to me and asked who I was and some random chit chat. It was my second and last day of my weekend trip of Kota.

The Food Custom – What did I eat in Bundi?

In a short time, I reached a nice restaurant; the auto wallah dropped me there. Just located on the road, the exterior of the restaurant was impressive and I was satisfied that I had got what I was looking for. I was welcomed by two restaurant staff members standing at the gate and was led inside. The impressive it looked from outside, the grander it was from inside. The way it has been designed and decorated just won my heart and I stared at the decoration for a while. I had no idea of any place where I could eat in Bundi, neither I had checked the list of restaurants and cafes in Bundi.

eat in Bundi
The ceiling decoration

I found myself a corner seat from where I could see outside. I placed my bag there, took out face-wash and a small towel from the bag and went to the washroom to get freshen up. I washed up my face and came back to my seat. Back in my college, one of my hostel seniors once told me that if you want to check any college, check the condition of its canteen and its washrooms; you will get to know a lot about the college. However, it wasn’t a college but the washroom was neat and clean.

eat in Bundi
eat in Bundi

The interior left me surprised and I was just staring at everything. The colourful theme was attractive enough to grab anyone’s attention. The walls were adorned with colourful plates, paintings while the ceiling was designed with cane basket and bulbs. I had never seen anything like this before. The theme was catchy and very trendy. It can be a nice place for your next Instagram posts if you are around.

eat in Bundi
eat in Bundi
eat in Bundi

When I reached Bundi in the morning and headed to Taragarh, I packed kachori and samosa for myself. I mean when you are in Bundi, kachori is a must. The crispy, yummy kachori along with this spicy minty chutney makes a perfect treat. While I was in an auto heading the fort, I enjoyed these delicacies of Bundi. It was not only delicious but nostalgic as well, eating like this.

eat in Bundi

Next, when I was heading to Raniji ki Baori on foot, I bought guava on the way from a cart in the market. Guava is my favourite and I got to know that people call it jamfal. When I reached the stepwell, I ate them. Those were fresh juicy and big sized fruits which I had carried in my bag and helped a little in curbing my appetite.

Yet, I hadn’t eaten anything heavy since morning and that too visiting all the major tourist attractions of Bundi. When I reached The Food Custom, I took a deep breath of relief and ordered myself butter paneer and butter roti along with daal and salad.

eat in Bundi

I have rarely seen such a nice presentation considering the place and ambience. The paneer veg came with this wonderful flowery decoration and so was the salad. The daal was served in a small bucket. The decoration and presentation itself were so satisfactory that I got no place to complain about anything. Maybe it was a good day for me that I was treated this way. My decision of this place to eat in Bundi turned brilliant.

Well, no questions over the food quality and the price were too pocket-friendly, nothing heavy on the budget. I will try to visit again if I come to Bundi again. If you are around and wondering where to eat in Bundi, this is my personal recommendation.

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