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Why did I not include Shimla in travel list? But I visited…

Himachal Pradesh has been one of my favourite weekend destinations from Delhi. A round the clock journey from Delhi took me to some of the most incredibly beautiful places this state of Himalaya has to offer. However, I haven’t been able to visit some of the remotest areas of Himachal Pradesh like Lahaul & Spiti. […]

Family Travel Tips: 5 Ways To Make A Trip Relaxing For Everyone

While trips make the best vacation experience for many people, it becomes a challenge for some families to travel together because each member has their expectations far from the rest. But isn’t it supposed to be awesome to spend the holiday together during a trip and come back with experiences and lessons for life improvement? […]

5 Ways to Document Your Travel Adventure

There’s a lot to be said for living in the moment and fully enjoying whatever experience you’re having. However, it’s also fun to look back. Memories are wonderful, but so is remembering even more details after looking at a photo or video. Fortunately, it’s possible to find a balance between the two. Here are 5 […]

India’s Top Travel Destinations – Famous Cities to Visit in India

It’s really a challenging task when it comes to listing the top travel destinations of India. The country is world famous for its ancient cultural heritage along with the modern advancements. From hill stations to beaches, from trekking to river rafting, from honeymoon destinations to wildlife safari, India is a perfect country for the wanderlusts. Every […]

How can you click photos on solo traveling? Solo Traveling photograp

I always click photographs and I just simply love it. Well, I am not much into the techniques of camera but yes I manage to do that. And when I am traveling, my camera is always on. Traveling is also an art and so is photography. A wonderful combination of storytelling. So, when you travel, […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

Travelling is a wonderful experience. No doubt everyone enjoys travelling. Be it a small trip to a nearby location or a long weekend trip to a far destination, travelling is always fun and full of amazing experiences. We learn from travelling and we explore. People travel with their friends, families, loved ones and that’s all […]

Where to find best free travel photos for travel blog?

So, you are running a travel blog. Obviously, you need travel photos for creating travel posts and content. Most of the established bloggers use their own photographs which mean they are good photographers. They travel a lot and they shoot. They own their photographs and can use in any way they want. But if you […]

Travel Unplanned – The Best Way to Enjoy Adventure and Explore

Unplanned journey is among the most beautiful one. It may sound stupid, but yes actually it is among the best trips you may have. Since beginning, we have been told about planning and preparing. Be it anything, any incident or situation in our life, we have been told and taught to plan, prepare and schedule […]

How often do you travel?

Have you met a full time traveller? Someone who travels round the clock, someone who keeps on travelling all the year from here to there? I’m talking about a professional traveller. Well, it is their job to travel around. They keep on moving from one place to the other. But what about others, those are […]