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Wandering for food in Khajuraho – Lost in the Town of Temples

Food is an integral part of any journey, no matter if it just for a day or few hours. And when you are visiting a new place, a place away from your place then it is mandatory to taste the cuisine of that place. No journey is complete without tasting and dining at the place […]

How has been the food in Rajasthan during my journey?

Travelling teaches you a lot. You need to adapt and adopt several things; you may like it or not but there is no option. And one of the biggest challenges that traveling brings for a guy like who is totally vegetarian and teetotaler, is the food.  I have weird food habits and I eat whenever […]

Must try street foods in Delhi – Top Five Street Foods not to miss in Delhi

Delhi isn’t just the national capital of India, but also a paradise for foodie. From world class international restaurant chains to local joints, this place has everything to offer you. And today we are talking about must try street foods in Delhi. Street foods which are delicious, street foods in Delhi which are cheaper and […]

A Visit to ISKCON Food Relief Foundation Palwal

They believe that the food served with good mind and spirituality as ingredients, not only fills the empty stomachs but also the souls. The Mega Kitchen at ISKCON Food Relief Foundation Palwal (IFRF), under the brand name “ANNAMRITA” feeds the students of government school as midday meal. IFRF operates four mega kitchens in Haryana in […]

Since childhood, we have been taught ‘Milk is complete food’

Milk is a Complete Food! It is first food of life. Milk is considered to be the best and complete food for everyone. One of the most important part of healthy diet, milk is every nutritious. Why milk is a complete food because it is rich in fat, protein, carbohydrates and all the known vitamins […]

There’s a street food lover everywhere…

When you hear the word, street food, what image do you actually visualise in your brain? When you hear the word, street food, do you also get tempted? Well, let me tell you when I hear the word street food, all I can visualise is a street built of red sand lime brick, sparsely crowded […]

5 Best Sea Foods to Eat at Lakshadweep

Cuisine of every region is centred mostly on the food items available in and around its vicinity. Most of the recipes in the coastal areas are seafood based. It is also customary to use the flavours existing locally. Lakshadweep, the island territory in India too follows this trend. Today here we will talk about five […]

11 Must Try Mouth Watering Traditional Foods of Andhra Pradesh

Who does not like to relish a good dish? Some are really fussy about food but the foodies wouldn’t mind tasting any good dish. Culinary experts are found who dole out some salubrious fare. This has been done from centuries resulting in inheriting several dishes from the bygone days. Andhra Pradesh is known for its […]

Preserving Perishable Foods

As discussed in our previous post, perishable food items can easily get spoiled or decayed due to chemical or microbial actions. So, it is very important to avoid perishable foods from getting spoiled making it unpleasant and unhealthy for consumption. Perishable foods can be avoided from getting spoiled in several manners. Foods such as dairy […]