Monday, July 13

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Bucket List of Top Ten Travel Activities to do before You Die

We hear about the people, individual or couples, who leave their nine to five corporate jobs and start travelling around the world. They take a trip around the globe and become wanderlust. They don’t have a fixed home and don’t have a fixed place to stay. They are nomad. They make a bucket list of […]

Why do I love travelling?

I am not a professional traveler or not someone who keeps on travelling every now and then. I’ve got tons of work on the desk and often remain pretty engaged around there only. But yes, I love travelling. That’s the thing which keeps my heart beating and blood running through my veins. I haven’t travelled […]

Visit to Kathmandu Monasteries

When we visited Kathmandu, we had no information about the place. We didn’t plan; we didn’t make any schedule of visiting places, which we should have done. It short the trip to Kathmandu was all a hit in the dark and somehow I was able to make it. I had my phone but it wasn’t […]

A Day at Taj Mahal

Most of the time, my journeys (especially short term) are unplanned. I usually don’t sit and schedule them as I am always not sure if I will be stretching myself for them. However my long term journey (from Delhi to Kathmandu) was too an unplanned event where I had mixed situations of trouble and pleasure.  […]

Tips on Easy Traveling  

Traveling is also an art. It is especially for those who love to travel around the world, for those who want to explore and experience the world. Traveling is more than just fun. It is a whole lot of experiments and activities from time management to crisis management and from financial management to personal management. […]

Travelling Ethics

What do We Need to Know about Travelling Ethics? Travelling! What does the name buzz in your brain? Imagine yourself sitting in train and the train is passing through big mountains and green trees or you are sitting in an open jeep and passing through the snow covered mountains of Shimla! Travelling creates much excitement […]

Code of Conduct in Art of Sharing

So, you love art of sharing food and you always share your plate with others. You share may be with your parents, relatives, friends, coworkers and many others. While art of sharing food is an interesting one, people sometimes violet some code of conduct during sharing food with others. Though art of sharing is always […]

The Art of Sharing

Food! The basic need of our life and is even for animals. We have our own ways of preparing and eating food. When we look back at the history of evolution, we will find that we were also like other animals eating the raw meat. The discovery of fire gave us a new way of […]