Monday, July 13

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Rishikesh River Rafting

When we reached the rafting point, we came to know that we got our personal raft. We four and two guides, and that’s it. We were extremely happy. And that was our gift of waiting so long otherwise; at least eight people sit in one raft but got for our own. That was the best […]

Road to Rishikesh Campsite

After getting refreshed and energized at the rest house, we packed and came out.  The cab was waiting for us.  We all four got in. There were already two people inside including the driver. I have travel sickness and I had to vomit on the way. Once we reached at our destination, I drank lemonade […]

First Day at Rishikesh

So, finally we reached Rishikesh at around 5:30AM. It was a long journey and we were literally tired of travelling in bus. We were about to start our first day at Rishikesh but we all wanted to take some rest, or better to say some sleep. We went to a shop on bus stand to […]

Two Days Rishikesh Trip

When it comes to travelling, I hardly plan. Most of the time, it’s just a planning before few moments and I am all packed with my stuff and leave for the place. As I shared my Kathmandu travelling with you previously which was nothing close to a “planned journey.” Everything happened there was totally unplanned. […]

How did I reach Shangarh Village? A Place of Eternal Peace in the Sainj Valley

No traffic noise, since there is no traffic, no chaotic hustle-bustle, no loud sounds, no market, just nature and that’s it. This is what Shangarh Village is all about. I wasn’t even able to pronounce it when I reached here and after spending a day, I got to know the actual pronunciation of this village. […]

Leh-Ladakh: The Desert of the Himalayas

‘Your first two days will go in acclimatisation.’ was the warning given to me by my friend who had recently returned from Leh. ‘You will feel nauseous and possibly dizzy so definitely carry Disprin and Crocin. You smoke? Yeah, it may be three days then.’ This was not what my excited ears wanted to hear […]

India’s Top Travel Destinations – Famous Cities to Visit in India

It’s really a challenging task when it comes to listing the top travel destinations of India. The country is world famous for its ancient cultural heritage along with the modern advancements. From hill stations to beaches, from trekking to river rafting, from honeymoon destinations to wildlife safari, India is a perfect country for the wanderlusts. Every […]

Bucket List of Top Ten Travel Activities to do before You Die

We hear about the people, individual or couples, who leave their nine to five corporate jobs and start travelling around the world. They take a trip around the globe and become wanderlust. They don’t have a fixed home and don’t have a fixed place to stay. They are nomad. They make a bucket list of […]

Why do travelers need camera?

When I hear the word, travelling, all I imagine is an open road, green terrain, a foreign land and I am with a camera taking shots of flora and fauna of the place. Travelling from one place to other makes you open for so many things. And you get to learn a lot of things. […]