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About FoodRavel

Welcome to The FoodRavel.

Life is a learning process and we keep exploring every day.

This blog narrates my journey of experiencing something new…

Hi there.

I am Rajat and I own this blog. I started it as a hobby to share my stories of travel and food. Now, why I picked travel and food; we travel to a place and taste the food there. Food is one of the most peculiar things that tells a lot about the culture and tradition of a place. 

I was born in Panipat but my hometown is Mahendergarh. I spent a part of my childhood at my maternal uncle’s; a village where weekends were spent around hills and green-lush fields. Every morning was beautiful scenery of mustard crops and hills in the backdrop with birds scaling the heights of the wide-open sky, farmers working in the fields and animals grazing.

Seven Wonders Park Kota

I lived in NFL Panipat, yet another beautiful place I can never forget. A small township; my home had a mango tree in the front, guava and litchi trees in the back. I still remember the smell of that mango tree. The streets were covered with lots of other trees and would get covered with flowers and leaves during fall. And the smell of black plum fallen on the ground, colouring the streets is still so nostalgic. It looked like a fairy tale and the reminiscence of the same are still engraved deep in my memory. I always crave to go back there. I grew with lots of greenery and pets around and that’s why I am so inspired and attached to the countryside. 

I hadn’t initially planned anything specific for this blog when I started. It was just a random idea of sharing my experiences but later, it grew and I started to get some recognition here. I took travelling seriously when I had my first trip to Kathmandu which was till date, the most unplanned journey I have ever had, full of fun, adventure and memories. 

I often look for the places which are untouched by heavy commercialization. I prefer offbeat places over trendy locations. I seek peace whenever I travel or I look forward to learning. So, either you may find me writing some poetry sitting over a cliff, into the woods or you may find me getting overwhelmed over the stunning architecture of any ancient monument. 

Always remember, life is a learning process… Keep learning, keep exploring…